5 + Best WordPress Document Manager Plugins 2023

WordPress Document Manager Plugins

Want to add a Document Manager plugin to your website?

Every website contains certain kinds of documents, files, and images. They can come from anywhere and in fact while managing a website there can be numerous documents. So there is a high chance that the admin manager will have a tough time in proper management of such documents. In WordPress, there are some well-made plugins to help users to maintain a systematic balance in document management. Hence, in this article, we are going to look at some highly useful WordPress Document Manager Plugins.

Below is the list :

Best WordPress Document Manager Plugins for 2023

SP Project & Document Manager

sp project WordPress Document Manager Plugins

SP Project & Document Manager is the best plugin regarding document management of files and documents. It works effectively and lets users do their tasks smoothly. With the help of this plugin, users are going to save time and boost their business.

Key Features:

  • Administrators can add files to users
  • Add links to a file
  • Unlimited nesting of folders
  • Localization support for many languages
  • SSL Support


WP Document Revisions

wp document WordPress Document Manager Plugins

WP Document Revisions has been designed particularly for creating client’s logo in a carousel into your website. When you have install the plugin it will create a custom post type and add a client’s Logos carousel. You can display it any section on your site with the help of the shortcode.

Key Features:

  • Support for any file type
  • Provides a full file history
  • Runs in-house or in the cloud
  • Multisite and Windows (XAMPP) support
  • Files are intuitively checked out


WP Docs

wp docs WordPress Document Manager Plugins

WP Docs is yet another useful plugin for creating customized login form page within a website. This user-friendly plugin will make it easy for anyone whether professional or not to build an awesome product catalog into a webpage. The plugin is responsive and is also very good in terms of SEO.

Key Features:

  • Front end ajax based browsing
  • Breadcrumb bar is available
  • Multiple directory views are available
  • Smooth navigation experience


Business Manager

business manager

Business Manager is the best choice for a customized login page. Widgets are important part of any website and often people wish to alter the design of widgets. And this plugin works wonder for them. In addition to excellent features, the plugin also consists of filters and hooks through which the output can be customized along with class names. It is also extremely compatible with Widget Logic, Widget Context, and WP Page Widget plugins.

Key Features:

  • Document versioning system
  • Assign documents to department
  • Keep document notes
  • Assign project to an Employee
  • Track start & end dates


Document & Data Automation

document & data

Document & Data Automation is the best and simple plugin that will let you build product listing catalog in any part of a website. It’s features will make you even more enthusiastic in using the plugin and reap more benefits. Play with its available functionalities and modify the overall catalog of the site.

Key Features:

  • Generate online interactive documents
  • Manage all collected data and export
  • Launch predefined workflows
  • Generate dynamical documents in any format
  • Create sophisticated web forms directly


Filr – Secure document library


Filr – Secure document library is a package of feature-rich plugins to modify the login page in dashboard. It has the best collection of plugins related to slider. As it is a responsive plugin so you will be able to update details via any kind of hand-held devices. Infact, visitors can visit your site and catalog through smartphones and tablets.

Key Features:

  • Protect upload directories with .htaccess and index.php files
  • Create unlimited uploads and get unique access links
  • Copy and paste your shortcodes
  • Create files and libraries



We hope that you liked the given WordPress Document Manager Plugins and choose the best one that you find easy with. We have carefully selected the above plugins so you can be assured of their quality. All of them have a good number of downloads and work superbly.

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