6+ Best WordPress Social Media Feed Plugins 2020

Want to add Social Media Feed plugin in your site? Social Media is an highly vital part of today’s world. Every people are constantly updated with the latest news and views regarding everything. Of course social media is the place where we find such things. If you are one of the users who have their website made on WordPress then you might know that there plugins for importing the newsfeed from different social media to your website. Why is Social Media Feed Plugin important ? Social Media Feed Plugin can give a big value in your website. You can have any information related to your social media in your site. Mainly is saves time from getting to your Social media… Read More

6+ Best Free WordPress Quiz Plugins

Do you want to include quiz contest feature in your site? Quiz contest something every people enjoy. All of us must have seen quiz contest in TV and advertisements. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we can have quiz contest in a website also. With the increasing innovativeness in WordPress we would like to share you some good plugins that you can use to implement quiz contest feature in your website. We have collected some of the best WordPress plugins from WordPress.org that has been made specifically for quiz contest. So, have a quick look at them: Best Free WordPress Quiz Plugins for 2020 Quiz And Survey Master Quiz and Survey Master is one of the best quiz based WordPress plugin… Read More

5+ Best WordPress Clock Widgets 2020

Are you looking to add clock widgets in your website? One of the most interesting widget in a website is a clock widget. An elegant looking clock can give your website a magnificent look. Besides a lovely look it is also a great to have the functionality of a clock in a website. Users can be aware of the exact time while checking out your website. Furthermore, a clock widget with World clock feature can be more effective and gain more attention of visitors. Specifically for this, we have made a collection of the most awesome clock widgets or plugins you can use to have such feature in your site. So, let’s see the best WordPress clock widgets for setting… Read More

5+ Best WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins 2020

Have you heard of Breadcrumbs in a website ? When we say the term Breadcrumb, we generally mean an eating item. But in a website it has some different meaning. If you visit any website you might have noticed a path indicating navigation section. These path design is what we call Breadcrumb. In WordPress, there are plugins developed for letting users have feature of breadcrumb in their site. Why is Breadcrumb important? Breadcrumb is definitely an important feature to have in any website. It will provide direction for visitors to locate different pages in a whole website. People will know at which section, page or sub-page they are by just looking at the breadcrumb. So, what are the plugins made… Read More

6+ Best WordPress Visitor Counter Plugins 2020

Are you interested to have visitor counter in your website? A Visitor Counter in one wonderful feature to have in your website. Having a visiting counter in your site will provide accurate information of how many people visited your site on daily basis and is always stay updated with coming day. WordPress users are pretty much fortunate to have plugins developed so users can get the visitor counter feature in their website. How can a Visitor Counter make a difference in your website? After the installation of visitor counter in your WordPress site you can get the details the visitors list who have visited your website. You can get to know to how often visitors visit your site and from… Read More

6+ Best Free WordPress Video Gallery Plugins 2020

Entertainment is one of the most important part of anyone’s life. There are various source of entertainment such as audio, movies, video etc. Video has always been the best form of entertainment for many. If you are a WordPress user then you must be aware that there are plugin designed for creating video gallery in your website.These plugins contains some functionalities that will give a good experience in making videos and with some extra enhancement in your site. We have gone through WordPress.org and made a small yet amazing collection of best free WordPress video gallery plugins for all WordPress users. Best Free WordPress Video Gallery Plugins for 2020 All-in-One Video Gallery All-in-One Video Gallery is one of the most… Read More

6+ Best Free WordPress Catalog Plugins 2020

An Ecommerce website is highly on demand in today’s time. Almost most of the websites build on WordPress are based on ecommerce. Although WooCommerce themes are available for ecommerce purpose, there are still other things offered by WordPress. There are different plugins made on WordPress for creating product catalog within a website. These plugins have comes with outstanding features and functionalities. With the help of these plugins, users will be able to create a well designed and organized catalog for their website. Here in this article, we are going to showcase a huge lists of free WordPress Catalog plugins. Let’s have a quick look on them. Best Free WordPress Catalog Plugins for 2020 Ultimate Product Catalog Ultimate Product Catalog is… Read More

5+ Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins 2020

Do you want to have a quick product filter plugin for your website? We all know about WooCommerce themes. WooCommerce themes are often quite popular among other WordPress themes. By using a WooCommerce themes you can have a quick ecommerce design and functionalities ready in a website. Though WooCommerce plugin itself has everything you need for a complete ecommerce website. Still, WordPress contains some plugins that will let you to enjoy some further advanced functions. The collection of plugin we are describing below is for best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins. So, let’s not wait more and check out them below: Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins 2020 WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce WOOF – PRoducts Filter for WooComerce is the… Read More

5+ Best WordPress Job Board Plugins 2020

Do you want to have a job vacancy listing feature in your website? These days we often see people searching for jobs online and employers posting job vacancies in a website. In WordPress you will find a special kind of plugin which will let you add job vacancy announcement in a website. These plugin will give you a wonder full  experience in working with the plugin. Now, let’s have a look on them. Best WordPress Job Board Plugins 2020 WP Job Manager WP Job Manager is a feature-rich and powerful plugin to showcase job listing interface in your WordPress site. Create a systematic functionality where people can visit your site and instantly search for the list of vacancy they are… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Notification Bar Plugins 2020

Want to add a notification bar in your WordPress website? You might have seen a sudden notification message appearing in some websites that promptly catch your attention. Such features are generally inbuilt in certain themes while some themes don’t contain them. If a website is simple then certainly features like notification message will enhance the entire website. For WordPress lovers, there are plugin build for integrating your site with such notification bars. And we would like to present you them below in this article. Best Free WordPress Notification Bar Plugins for 2020 Notification Make stunning notification bar with this user-friendly plugin. With this plugin you can set notification system and manage its settings easily. From customizing the notification button design… Read More