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5 + Best WordPress Icons Plugins 2021

WordPress websites are one of the most popular preferences of all kinds of people in the world. It has everything from stylish appearance to interesting features which people love. In fact, more than 70% of websites in the world are built on the WordPress platform. WordPress involves varieties of plugins that will act as addons for any WordPress website and add extra specific functionality. Icons are one amazing thing to have on a website. When we say icons we usually refer to social icons and menu icons. Icons are definitely the best thing to have on a site. It will give you different touch. We have shortlisted some of the best and genuine plugins to add icons social or menus Read More

5 + Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins 2021

Have you heard about chatbots? It sounds a bit similar to live chat but it works differently compared to live chats. TO make it clear a chatbot is an automated chat system that works automatically in providing instructions, guidance, feedback, etc to visitors. There are varieties of chatbot plugins designed for chatbot features. And we are going to check them out in this given article. Now let’s not wait and have a look at them. Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins 2021 Chatbot for Lead Generation and Data Collection – is a simple and easy plugin perfect for adding header and footer into pages and posts on your website. Enhance the old simple design of your pages and make them Read More

8+ Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2021

Are you searching for the best WordPress Page Builder plugins? Then, wait no longer because you have come to the correct place. WordPress is well-known for its unique and bewildering theme design. But sometimes users would want to customize its overall look. And it will need some impressive coding knowledge like CSS to get it done. If you are not a tech expert then you will be in need to hire developers which can be quite costly. However, there are some awesome tricks to have your own customized design for your website. If many people are aware of this or not WordPress has some great plugins or say, page builders. Using these page builders, any non-techy user can design a Read More

8+ Best WordPress Comment Plugins 2021

The comment section is one of the most integral parts of any WordPress website. This feature will let site owners have interacted with viewers all around the world. In general, it’s the best form of communication between owners and clients. Additionally, it also has a very good chance of advancing or growing your business. By default, WordPress has its own comment section which you can find in pages and posts. However, there is a way to make the comment section a bit more interesting. WordPress has some plugins developed for its users to have a customized or modern comment section. We have done our research on them and come with this list below. That’s right we are going to share Read More

5 + Best WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins 2021

Gift Cards are one of the most interesting and highly beneficial features to have on a website. If you have an online store then this is definitely something a must-have. But first, let’s be clear about gift cards. What is a Gift Card? As the name says everything a gift card is a perk or a special package that customers receive as a free coupon or say bonus. Using a gift card they can get a good amount of discount while purchasing another item. They can even share the gift card coupon with their friends and families. But in order to have the gift card feature users will need to install plugins designed particularly for gits cards. After the installation Read More

5 + Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins 2021

Do you want to have the best Shopping Cart plugin for your website? If you are a business owner then you might want to have an e-commerce based site to be able to sell your products and services. We simply call them the WooCommerce website. In order to have a WooCommerce website, you will need to install plugins that are specified for WooCommerce. Generally, a shopping cart comes into your website by default for an e-commerce website. However, WordPress consists of a plugin that will create an e-commerce designed page along with the shopping cart. If you search them online there are plenty of them in a huge mass. But not everyone has the knowledge of which one is the Read More

5 + Best WordPress Twitter Feeds Plugins 2021

Would you want to share your recent tweets on your website? Twitter is one of the most popular and high valued social media plugins in today’s world. Everybody likes to tweet from a businessman, entrepreneurs to celebrities, and many others. Sharing any posts regularly on Twitter can enhance your website and can also help in giving your business a big boost. One of the ways to integrate your tweets into your site is by using the WordPress Twitter feeds plugins. Well, in this article, we share with you an amazing collection of plugins for sharing your Twitter feeds in your website smoothly. Best WordPress PDF viewer Plugins 2021 Custom Twitter Feeds (Tweets Widget) Custom Twitter Feeds (Tweets Widget) is one Read More

6 + Best WordPress Table Plugins 2021

Are you looking for the Best WordPress table plugins for adding tables to your site? A table is something most of the website needs. For particular things like showing data, comparing information between two products or companies, displaying charts and graphs and many other things. Though people use page builders or Gutenberg editor for creating tables into their site. However, those tables are a bit simple and not much attractive. Hence, more preference is given to the WordPress table plugins that are available in the market. In you will find plenty of such plugins with which you can create beautiful and lovely tables. These tables are feature-rich and also have high functionalities. Our team has taken their valuable time Read More

5 + Best WordPress Quotes Plugins 2021

Do you want to have an attractive quote feature on your website? We might have heard about quotes somewhere. A quote generally means a saying or a small proverb that has a deep meaning. Though it looks simple, a quote has a very impactful thing to provide on a website. Usually, we see quotes on notebooks and magazines but here we are talking about displaying quotes on a website. In this article, we have listed some highly useful quote plugins for you. The plugins included in the list are carefully handpicked and yes it is currently the best ones you can choose from. Now, check them out below : Best WordPress Quotes Plugins 2021 Quotes Collection Quotes Collection is one Read More

5 + Best WordPress Popular Posts Plugins 2021

Ever wondered if you could make your popular posts appear at the front? WordPress is all about pages and posts. In between them posts is what makes WordPress a remembered one. There is normally a huge number of posts on a website. How about bringing the most popular posts that are liked by many people or have a high number of visits come to the frontline. Yes, it is a great way to give your website an innovative touch and people will simply love it. For it, there are some amazing WordPress Popular Posts Plugins that will let you sort out the popular posts from your site. Well, below are these plugins let’s check them out : Best WordPress Popular Read More