10 + Best Caching Plugins for WordPress

Fast Speed of a website is something everybody wants. Every website owners want to have their website have a good speed and loads faster every time visitors visit them. Cache problem is what a website faces that will adversely affect the speed of a website. Especially in a WordPress site where cache is a major issue. To overcome such problem we collected some best WordPress caching plugins for you. Caching and its Importance Cache is an assembly of stored information in some part of the computer. Caching is such a process which will store such in formations in a particular memory. So whenever the same data need to retrieved it can be done instantly without going through several processing. In… Read More

15+ Best Free WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

A website can gain the attention of viewers if it contains attractive and splendid images. Especially if you are a photographer then you ought to have some really sophisticated and professional looking image galleries on your website. As WordPress is one platform used by many people and companies we have very good news for you. Yes, WordPress comes with exciting plugins for creating photo galleries. We share with you some best free WordPress gallery plugins which help you in enhancing your site’s look. Every website owner desire to have stunning image galleries on their site that will make an impact. There are many websites made on portfolio and photography which generally requires galleries where the owner can display their talent… Read More

15+ Best Free WooCommerce Plugins for 2020

WooCommerce is known for being the best plugin for building an online store in your WordPress site. It contains great features and functionalities such as product management, payment integration, and many others. Generally, people use WooCommerce themes for creating eCommerce websites. In case, you don’t have know where to find the finest WooCommerce themes then you can check out the article about best free Woocommerce themes. And many of them must not be aware that there are many plugins or extensions related that has been designed for a specialized feature of WooCommerce. So, in this article, we are going to check out some of the best free WooCommerce plugins for your shopping website. These extensions give you a better option… Read More

10+ Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2020

Security of a website is one of the most crucial thing to keep in mind while developing a website. We often hear of websites being hacked. Especially websites build on WordPress are more prone to hacking. Almost millions of WordPress sites get hacked every week. To overcome such attacks, some plugins have been made by WordPress experts. In this article, we have collected some of the best WordPress security plugins that are available in the market. Why a security plugin is required for your site? If you are running any WordPress site then you must be aware that there is a high risk of getting your website being hacked. Hackers can not only steal some private information about your company… Read More

10+ Best Free Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress 2020

Social Media has become a vital part of our daily lives. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit, etc. are some of the most popular social media platforms. And it’s pretty sure that every individual has their own separate social media account. Well, besides having its personal use it is equally useful for other purposes such as sharing information, promoting one’s business and website. WordPress website has come along way in making a powerful online presence for any business. Moreover, there are some great free social media sharing plugins for WordPress that link your social media account with your website. According to many recent surveys, social media has a high potential in growing any business and drive more traffics and visitors for… Read More

5+ Best Free WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization

What makes a website appealing and gets visitors to stay on the page for a longer period of time? Of course, it’s the overall look of your website. Hence, the quality of images and content is the main focus of any website. Basically, people use lots of images for their website which might be of big size. It can result in the slow loading speed and performance of your website. The only way to overcome such matters is by optimizing images for your website. For WordPress users, they can be glad since it has the availability of plugins for image optimization. What does Image Optimization exactly mean? When we say image optimization, it means compressing or reducing the original size… Read More

15+ Best Free Niche WordPress Themes 2020

A website is one of the essential thing for every business to sustain in today’s competitive world. We often see people running different kind of business. It’s obvious that they want to build their online presence a special or outstanding one to stay ahead and let people around the world know them. WordPress themes is known for its simplicity, beautiful and distinct design. You will find several kinds of WordPress themes that have their own niche. Here, in this article we present you a list of some great free niche WordPress themes. If you are not clear yet about what exactly a niche WordPress theme is then let me explain it you. A niche WordPress theme is a theme which… Read More

20+ Best Free WordPress Startup Themes 2020

Considering there are many new startup companies growing, a meaningful and professional online presence is needed to let people know about them. And one mandatory thing to keep in mind that the design of the website should have an eye-catching look. If the website is able to capture the attention of visitors promptly then consequently it results in speedy promotion of your new business. What should a best Startup website be? A Modern and Professional Design Simplicity and Responsive Informative and Feature-Rich These are some of the qualities a startup website need. Talking about simplicity what can be better then WordPress themes. WordPress themes is very well-known for its simplicity and is also popular among many. In this article, we… Read More

60+ Best Free WordPress Themes 2020

WordPress themes have indeed gained huge popularity around the world. Today more than 60% of websites are built on WordPress. WordPress is one of the easy and powerful CMS in the world and a major number of people prefer to use the WordPress platform. Basically, you will find two kinds of WordPress themes on the internet. 1. Free WordPress Themes and 2. Premium WordPress Themes. Free WordPress Themes can be easily downloaded from the internet while premium WordPress themes required to pay via online payment. Certainly, you will find a list of most popular and trending free WordPress themes on the official website of WordPress.org. But it’s tough to make a decision in choosing the perfect one for your website,… Read More