7+ Best Free WordPress Tab Plugins 2020

Every user is familiar with tabs in a web browser. Tabs are basically a button present at the top of the page which takes to a specific website or webpage. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have well-designed, customizable and feature-rich tabs for your site? In WordPress there are some quality plugins that can make it happen. And in this article, we are going to list them out. Why are tab plugins are useful? The varieties of tab plugins in the given collection are helpful and productive in many ways. It can give you a unique experience in working with new and innovative tabs. Plus, you can have it’s design modified and fully enhanced. Having default tabs can be sometimes boring… Read More

5+ Best WordPress Dashboard Plugins 2020

One of main and important part of WordPress is the admin panel or dashboard. It is the main gate through which we see when we enter our WordPress. Generally, there are normal stuff in the default dashboard design and we are often familiar with it. But ever think if we could actually change it’s entire design and add more extra to it. What we are going to introduce in this article is some wonderful WordPress dashboard plugins to re-create your WordPress dashboard. Why is Dashboard Plugins needed? You might wonder why do we actually need such plugins. Below are some answers to this question: A quick way to have better outlook or appearance. Helpful if you creating site to your… Read More

6 + Best Free WordPress Donation Plugins 2020

Looking for the best WordPress Donation plugin for your website? If you are someone who is running a non-profitable, charity organization for a social cause then must want to promote it globally and attract more people. And best solution to that is having your own online presence so that people living each and every corner in the world can get to know about you. Let’s say a specific event or charity related website.We all know that WordPress is the most popular platform for building website. What’s more exciting is that there are WordPress plugins developed by several companies that let’s you make donation online. In this article we are going to list out some of the best free WordPress Donation… Read More

6 + Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins

Everyone is familiar with pagination. It is such a feature in a website that will let you move from one page to another by simply clicking on numbers. Though this feature is already in-built in WordPress core files but has some limitations. So, why not have a better functionality of pagination that will give your a more and advanced look. For that we are going to introduce you to plugins developed just for extending the pagination feature. Yes, we have collected some of finest best WordPress pagination plugins for your website. Why do you need such plugins in your website? Here are some good reasons why you will need a pagination plugins in your website. Give better functionalities to your… Read More

5+ Best Free WordPress Read More Plugins 2020

Generally, if your website is based on blog or any other matter you will find difficulty in having everything in a single page. Users also cannot have a grip of all the articles, especially when we are particularly looking, researching, reading for something. We have limited time and energy to read all the articles we are interested. That’s why we make tiny summaries to give you a brief hint or an overview of things in case, if the original post is too long to read. To overcome such issue there are some Read More plugin available in WordPress. With the help of these read more WordPress plugins, you can allow your visitors to get deep into the details of your

6+ Best Free WordPress Font Plugins 2020

Fonts are one of the most attractive part of a website. It is also refer to as Typography. Users often have different taste in font design and love to experiment with them in your site. If your website is in WordPress then there are some plugins developed for adding extra functionalities in your website that will let you have better option for fonts. In this article, we are going to explore some of them. We have handpicked them from WordPress.org so you will definitely find them worthy. Just a simple installation of any of these plugin and you will have the new and varieties of option for typography. Well, let’s not wait any longer and check out the plugins below:… Read More

8+ Best WordPress LMS Plugins 2020

Do you want to have LMS in your WordPress website? As we see lots of new developments in a WordPress, many new plugins has been designed with some interesting and rich features. Such plugins will not only give your website a modern look but also boost viewers attention promptly. The plugin we are going to talk about in this article is about WordPress LMS plugins. But first let’s get to about LMS Plugins. Basically, a LMS plugin stands for Learning Management System. It is such a kind of plugin that will let users to add online courses in their website and sell them globally. Not just with courses but with many other schemes like quizzes, test, student’s records and many… Read More

15+ Best Free WordPress Dentist Themes 2020

Searching for a suitable WordPress theme for dentist or Oral Care? Then you have definitely come at the right place. Now we all know a website is a vital thing to have in the present world. When you talk about medical business then of course they need an online presence to reach out to numerous number of people. As there are numerous number of medical centers and facilities so it’s hard to market your own and reach out to more people. Hence, why not consider a top-notch looking website to showcase what your health center has to offer. Here in this article we are going to discuss about best free WordPress dentist themes. We have done a detail research on… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Calendar Plugins 2020

Would like to have a calendar widget in your WordPress website? If you are a WordPress user, then you might be very much interested in having features like calendar in your website. A calendar adds more beauty to your site as it not only look good but also signifies a great functionality. By default WordPress already has the calendar widget within the admin panel. But to bring advancement in the calendar design WordPress offers some awesome plugins for users. Using such plugins you can basically add calendar widget in any part of the website weather it’s page or posts. These plugins comes with attractive features so that you can do many more things with them. So, let’s not wait and… Read More

5 + Best Free WordPress Webinar Plugins 2020

Are you interested to have Webinar feature in your WordPress website? If you are a entrepreneur or someone who likes to share your knowledge, experience and any other things to a big mass of people through online then you might have heard the term Webinar. A Webinar is a combination of two words web and seminar. As it is known to all that seminar means any event, conference or meetings where people come together to share any particular news and ideas. Thus, webinar can simply be defined as hosting a seminar online in a web technology using devices like computer, laptop and smartphones. With webinar people can share chats, make discussions etc with one another. What is the importance of… Read More