5 + Best WordPress PDF viewer Plugins 2021

As WordPress users, it is quite common that embedding PDF document is a problem in pages and posts. As for the default of WordPress, it doesn’t support any kind of PDF files. Though it is possible to insert PDF files but will only work as a link that opens on another page. The only way to add PDF files in WordPress is by using a plugin made specifically for integrating PDF documents.¬† Luckily, there are many options for such plugins. However, it is important to keep in mind that the plugin you choose is the best or trustable one. So, in this article, we shall provide you some handpicked plugins for integrating PDF files onto your website page or posts. Read More

6+ Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins 2021

Are you a musical artist or singer looking to share your music on a website? There are many musical-based people who enjoy sharing their stuff with the audience. Most WordPress users are keen on using themes that have been designed particularly for music. Though users have got other choice and it comes as a plugin. Yes with the help of plugins one can add an audio player to a website. In this article, we are going to explore the theme below. Let’s see them below: Best Free WordPress Audio Player Plugins for 2021 Compact WP Audio Player Compact WP Audio Player is a plugin based on an audio player. With the help of this plugin, users can embed an mp3 Read More

6+ Best WordPress CSV Import Plugins 2021

Are you looking to Import or Export CSV files on your website? Having two or more websites is common for the same business these days. And it is possible that the information and data like images, products, descriptions are common between two sites. Rewriting similar information is time consuming and definitely not the correct action to do. The best thing anyone can think of is importing the information on the site in bulk promptly. So, in this article, we would like to share with you an awesome list of the best WordPress CSV Import Plugins. Why is the CSV Import plugin important? CSV Import plugin can be a vital plugin for a website. It will make things easier for users Read More

5+ Best WordPress Header Plugins 2020

Have you ever noticed what makes a website attract visitors mind instantly when they check the site for the first time? Let’s say the overall design, fonts, and colors, or maybe sliders. But what about the header and footer. Well, these are the things which might not people consider but to tell you the truth they are one of the most important parts of a website. In fact, if you got them more attractive with customization then it will definitely make wonders. For WordPress users, it a matter of luck that you can have plugins build for getting customized header and footer promptly. No need for a tech expert in using these plugins. Simply install them and add the shortcodes Read More

5 + Best WordPress Custom Login Plugins 2021

Do you want to have a custom login page on your WordPress website? As a WordPress user, everybody is familiar with the default login page of WordPress. Yes, almost most of the WordPress users are using it for their website. Since users have different tastes in design so it’s obvious that the login page is also one of the things they want to customize. If you are a technical expert, designer, or programmer then you can simply update the core file in your WordPress folder. But if you are just a layman or a non-technical field such action is impossible for you. Well, not anymore. That’s right there are some plugins build specifically to customize the front login page. In Read More

5 + Best WordPress Accordion Plugins 2021

Hey, Are you looking for an Accordion plugin? Firstly, let’s get to know what is Accordion. Basically, the Accordion is a musical instrument but on the website, Accordion is such a feature that will create a collapsible design where you can insert information. When you can click on any text it will slide down and close and contents will show up(For ex: Details). It’s possible that some WordPress has the Accordion feature built within but in some themes, it might not. Well, users no need to be disappointed if the theme doesn’t have the feature. WordPress offers plugins designed particularly for Accordion. In WordPress.org you will find many plugins for it but it’s tough for normal users to find the Read More

5+ Best WordPress Auto Poster Plugins 2021

Ever feel like having your website’s blogs post automatically to various social media platforms? We are often fond of sharing ones’ blogs or different posts on our social sites. Especially if you have a blog website then it’s obvious that you frequently post them. And definitely, you would want to share them on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. For WordPress users, it is just a little bit of work as there are plugins that will automatically share your posts to these social media promptly. Well, here in this article we would like to share with you the best WordPress auto poster plugins. So, what are these plugins let’s have a look at them? ¬†Best WordPress Auto Read More

6+ Best WordPress Sidebar Plugins 2021

Bored with normal sidebars on your website? By default, WordPress comes with a sidebar segment where we can add widgets like categories, calendar, recent posts, recent comments, and many others. But things are getting much better and ultra-modern. WordPress offers awesome sidebar plugins that will instantly place an extra sidebar into your site. After going through wide research we have collected the best ones in this article to let our WordPress users get them without the need for hustling. All the plugins in the lists are the best in quality and very much user-friendly. No matter if you are a non-techy just install the plugin and get things done with ease. Now, let’s check them out below: Best Free WordPress Read More

5 + Best WordPress Animation Plugins 2021

Looking to enhance your website with animation effects ? Well, you have come at the right place. It’s not common that people have a deep interest in Animations and special effects. Especially, youngsters and children are allured by it. In WordPress, there are specific plugins developed for animation feature. In the market, there are numerous of such plugins but it is important to be ensure about its quality. Hence, to make things easy we have made a list of best WordPress Animation Plugins. So, why not use them and implement in your website ? Surely, every WordPress lovers would be excited to work them out. Best WordPress Animation Plugins 2021 Blocks Animation Blocks Animation is mainly designed for Gutenberg editor. Read More

6 + Best WordPress Sticky Header Plugins 2021

Are you interested to create a sticky header in your website ? You might have seen or heard of sticky menu in a website. Basically, there are attractive looking animated design that makes the navigation section stick to your site as you scroll it down. Though, it’s a simple feature but are popular among most people. And if you are a WordPress lover then, it is something you will find within a WordPress themes free or premium. Even if it’s not there then no need to be worried as there are some plugins made for adding the feature of sticky menu to your site. What are the best things about Sticky Header ? Well, sticky header menu has lots of Read More