5+ Best Free WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization 2024

Plugins for Image Optimization

What makes a website appealing and gets visitors to stay on the page for a longer period of time? Of course, it’s the overall look of your website. Hence, the quality of images and content is the main focus of any website. Basically, people use lots of images for their website which might be of big size. It can result in the slow loading speed and performance of your website. The only way to overcome such matters is by optimizing images for your website. For WordPress users, they can be glad since it has the availability of plugins for image optimization.

What does Image Optimization exactly mean?

When we say image optimization, it means compressing or reducing the original size of any image. It is to be considered that by optimizing any image you can only reduce its size but the quality of the image should not be affected. Well, certainly it takes lots of time if we optimize each image manually. To make such a task easy there are plugins available made especially for image optimization. With the help of these plugins, images will be automatically be optimized while you upload them to your site.

In this article, we are going to present you with the best collection of WordPress plugins for image optimization. These plugins are very simple to use and come with proper documentation. So, no worries if you are unclear about using these plugins.

So, let’s have a quick look at them below:

Best WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization 2024

Tiny Png

tinypang best-wordpress-plugins-for-image-optimization

You must have heard of Tiny png. Yes, it is one of the best plugins used for optimizing images for your website. It is very easy to use. You just need to install the plugin and upload the images. Generally, it works on JPEg and PNG images. Within a few seconds, it will reduce the image size without affecting its quality. It gives you an amazing option to upload images in bulk. Hence, it not only save image storage on your site but also boosts the loading speed of each page of the website.

Main Features:

  • No limitation on file size
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Bulk Optimization
  • Supports Multisite with a single API Key
  • Compatibility with WP Retina 2x and WP Offload S3WP Retina 2x
  • Convert CMYK to RGB


Ewww Optimizer

ewwoptimizer best-wordpress-plugins-for-image-optimization

Ewww Image Optimizer is a simple and user-friendly tool for image optimization. It is a free plugin with awesome features. Get your images optimized in a quick time that advances the speed of your website. You can also make the bulk upload of images that saves lots of time. The plugin automatically optimizes the images each time you upload it on your site. It uses industry-leading tools and progressive rendering to produce pixel-perfect optimization.

Main Features:

  • No limitation on file size and speed
  • Secure to use
  • Adaptive Steering
  • High Torque
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Free Image Backups
  • Top-Notch Support


Short Pixel Image Optimizer

shortpixel best-wordpress-plugins-for-image-optimization

ShortPixel Image Optimizer has been developed by ShortPixel. It is a simple, user-friendly and lightweight plugin used for image optimization. Just a single click and you can optimize your images plus PDF document in a quick time. It automatically resizes and rescales the images on the fly. It also happens to be very compatible with other plugins as well. Also, it optimizes the images that are not included in Media Library and are stored in some other plugins. In wordpress.org it has more than 200,000 active installs.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with WP Retina 2x
  • Great Support
  • Effective for Photographers
  • CMYK to RGB conversion
  • Bulk Optimization of Images
  • Good compatibility with many galleries Plugins


WP Smush

wp smush

WP Smush has been developed by the powerful team of WPMU DEV. With this simple plugin, you can optimize, resize and compress your images in an easy and best way. And it is absolutely painless to get it done.WP Smush is an award-winning plugin and is highly popular among people for its good speed and supreme quality. It will reduce the size of your image without affecting the image quality.MAinly, it supports PNG, JPEG and GIF format.

Main Features:

  • Lossless Compression
  • Lazy Loader
  • Incorrect Size Image Detection
  • Automated Optimization
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Super Servers




Optimus is an easy to use image optimizing plugin that will reduce the size of the images you upload while maintaining its quality. The features are limited in its free version while in the premium version you can enjoy some great advanced and high-quality features. It can reduce up to 70% of the original image size. It works automatically and users don’t require to compress each individual image manually.

Main Features:

  • Impressive Pagespeed
  • Perfect for Optimizing Images
  • Optimized for Mobile Apps and Windows Live Writer
  • Faster Load Time
  • Compatible with WooCommerce




Imagify is another awesome WordPress plugin for image optimization. It gives a wonderful experience for users to optimize images for their websites in such a simple way. It reduces the burden of huge storage covered by huge image files and helps to improve the speed of your website. All of the images you upload in your WordPress site will automatically be compressed. And it won’t affect the quality of the images even a bit. It has 3 kinds of compression level. They are:
a) Normal

Main Features:

  • Powerful Performance
  • WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery compatible
  • Bulk Image Optimizer
  • Saves lots of Time


Closing Up,

The above WordPress plugins are currently some of the best ones in the market. A huge number of people used them widely. Though each plugin has its own unique features it makes sure that the images are reduced to the best way possible. Optimizing images can be very helpful in maintaining the good speed of your website. Not only that it also improves the SEO of your website and will be able to bring good results in Google rankings.

We hope this article helps you in finding the best plugin for image optimization. If you want to share something then please feel free to write to us about it in the comment section below:

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