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8+ Best WordPress LMS Plugins 2020

Do you want to have LMS in your WordPress website? As we see lots of new developments in a WordPress, many new plugins has been designed with some interesting and rich features. Such plugins will not only give your website a modern look but also boost viewers attention promptly. The plugin we are going to talk about in this article is about WordPress LMS plugins. But first let’s get to about LMS Plugins. Basically, a LMS plugin stands for Learning Management System. It is such a kind of plugin that will let users to add online courses in their website and sell them globally. Not just with courses but with many other schemes like quizzes, test, student’s records and many… Read More

15+ Best Free WordPress Dentist Themes 2020

Searching for a suitable WordPress theme for dentist or Oral Care? Then you have definitely come at the right place. Now we all know a website is a vital thing to have in the present world. When you talk about medical business then of course they need an online presence to reach out to numerous number of people. As there are numerous number of medical centers and facilities so it’s hard to market your own and reach out to more people. Hence, why not consider a top-notch looking website to showcase what your health center has to offer. Here in this article we are going to discuss about best free WordPress dentist themes. We have done a detail research on… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Calendar Plugins 2020

Would like to have a calendar widget in your WordPress website? If you are a WordPress user, then you might be very much interested in having features like calendar in your website. A calendar adds more beauty to your site as it not only look good but also signifies a great functionality. By default WordPress already has the calendar widget within the admin panel. But to bring advancement in the calendar design WordPress offers some awesome plugins for users. Using such plugins you can basically add calendar widget in any part of the website weather it’s page or posts. These plugins comes with attractive features so that you can do many more things with them. So, let’s not wait and… Read More

5 + Best Free WordPress Webinar Plugins 2020

Are you interested to have Webinar feature in your WordPress website? If you are a entrepreneur or someone who likes to share your knowledge, experience and any other things to a big mass of people through online then you might have heard the term Webinar. A Webinar is a combination of two words web and seminar. As it is known to all that seminar means any conference or meetings where people come together to share any particular news and ideas. Thus, webinar can simply be defined as hosting a seminar online in a web technology using devices like computer, laptop and smartphones. With webinar people can share chats, make discussions etc with one another. What is the importance of Webinar… Read More

5+ Best Free WordPress Voting Plugins 2020

There are different kinds of websites being made in recent times. More feature is being developed and added in a website. A voting system is something that is slowly trending and has been able to grab attention of many site owners. Mainly website related to education, politics, law office, fashion and many others are having the voting features in their websites. In this article, we would like to showcase our collection of best free WordPress voting plugins. By using these plugins, site owners can implement voting polls in their website and collect views of many people regarding any matter. Such data can be very vital for any companies and guide them in making better decision for the future. So, we… Read More

6+ Best Free WordPress Weather Plugins 2020

We often find varieties of incredible widgets in today’s websites that makes it look advanced one abolishing the traditional design. One of the popular kind of widget happens to be weather widget. Yes, weather widget is very famous these days and most website owners have them in their site. And if it is WordPress website then many kinds of trendy plugins are available. Here in this article we have collected some of the best free WordPress weather widget plugins from to make things quick. Well, weather widget one can showcase weather forecasts of a particular place. It has several benefits such as letting your customers or viewers get updated with latest weather condition, enhancing the overall look of your… Read More

5+ Best Free WordPress Timeline Plugins 2020

Having a timeline in a website is something that can excite many people. A timeline is such a feature that will display important event, past history and achievements and many other things in a structured manner. It is slowly coming in trend as it gives your website a different touch. Infact, a timeline is highly beneficial for any website. It lets visitors around the world know about the overall history of your company by simply looking your timeline. Consequently, it will help a lot in building trust between many people especially valuable clients. So, to make sure that you have the best timeline in your website we give you this awesome collection of best WordPress timeline plugins. Though every plugin… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2020

A simple website has never been quite exciting. People are always looking for new and compelling features to make their website a unique one from the rest. One of the feature which has been popular is pricing table. A pricing table is a vital thing for a website especially if your website focuses on selling product and services. For WordPress users there is several reason to be grateful as it offers some great plugins for adding stylish and lovely pricing table in your website. Importance of Pricing Table A Pricing table is fairly valuable for any website. You can set up a professional pricing table with complete contents to let visitors know the pricing scheme of your business. Using a… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins 2020

People nowadays depend wholly on internet. From buying products, finding jobs to inquiry about anything. They all go for online for solving their problems. For a website, making good communication between client is very vital. Though there are features such as contact forms, emails etc. but an online live chat is something that enhances the website. So, in this article we are going to list out some of the best free WordPress live chat plugin. Why do we need a Live Chat Plugin in a website? A Live Chat plugin has lots of benefits. Firstly, it makes your website more appealing and attract more visitors. Since, customers can ask their queries in the live chat box in your site it… Read More

8+ Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins 2020

Communication is one of the most important aspect of any business. It’s the only thing which keeps certain business running. Especially, for a website digital communication is the best way of building connection between site owner and customers. Often we hear of newsletter and we all have certainly seen a newsletter poping out in some website. If you have your website build in WordPress platform then you must be aware of newsletter plugins. Thus, in this article we are going to list out the finest WordPress newsletter plugins available in the market. A newsletter has many beneficial things to offer for a website. Some of them include updating your regular visitors with the latest new changes about your business site,… Read More