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8 + Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2020

A simple website has never been quite exciting. People are always looking for new and compelling features to make their website a unique one from the rest. One of the feature which has been popular is pricing table. A pricing table is a vital thing for a website especially if your website focuses on selling product and services. For WordPress users there is several reason to be grateful as it offers some great plugins for adding stylish and lovely pricing table in your website. Importance of Pricing Table A Pricing table is fairly valuable for any website. You can set up a professional pricing table with complete contents to let visitors know the pricing scheme of your business. Using a… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins 2020

People nowadays depend wholly on internet. From buying products, finding jobs to inquiry about anything. They all go for online for solving their problems. For a website, making good communication between client is very vital. Though there are features such as contact forms, emails etc. but an online live chat is something that enhances the website. So, in this article we are going to list out some of the best free WordPress live chat plugin. Why do we need a Live Chat Plugin in a website? A Live Chat plugin has lots of benefits. Firstly, it makes your website more appealing and attract more visitors. Since, customers can ask their queries in the live chat box in your site it… Read More

8+ Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins 2020

Communication is one of the most important aspect of any business. It’s the only thing which keeps certain business running. Especially, for a website digital communication is the best way of building connection between site owner and customers. Often we hear of newsletter and we all have certainly seen a newsletter poping out in some website. If you have your website build in WordPress platform then you must be aware of newsletter plugins. Thus, in this article we are going to list out the finest WordPress newsletter plugins available in the market. A newsletter has many beneficial things to offer for a website. Some of them include updating your regular visitors with the latest new changes about your business site,… Read More

8+ Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins

Are you searching for the best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins for your site? If you are then, you reached the correct place. Though there are many plugins for maintenance mode in we have took some time and handpicked the best and mostly used plugins out of the huge list. So, you will find the finest plugins in the collection with the highest number of downloads. What is a Maintenance Mode Plugin and why is it important? A maintenance mode plugin is such as a plugin which provides pre-designed templates that can be used for displaying  in the front page of your website before it goes live. It is simply a one-page made for letting visitors know that your website… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress CSS Plugins 2020

Are you a designer or just want to give your website an extra look? We all love to have our website look best and perfect. For a website made in WordPress it’s very common for users to play with the design and make it look distinct. What exciting about WordPress is that there are some plugins build by developers and different companies which made it possible for providing additional interface to include extra CSS. The listed plugins in this article are some of the best free WordPress CSS plugins currently trending in the market. Though some themes comes with inbuilt CSS section but you can always go for plugins if in need. But first let’s know about CSS. What is… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins 2020

If you are a tech or web lover then you must be familiar with Google Map. In fact, it’s a must need feature for every emerging website. A map can give your website a innovative and informative look. In WordPress, it is commonly seen a google map being used in most of its website. Generally, there are many themes which has in-built google map functionality which makes it easy for users to create map on their website. On the other side, WordPress also offers variety of plugins that can extend the functionality of implementing a Google Map. And in this article we are going to check out these best WordPress google map plugins. Why is Google Map Plugins necessary? Well,… Read More

8 + Best Free WordPress Review Plugins 2020

People in today’s time are more concerned about the quality assurance of certain products and services. A review is the first thing that they look for before deciding about their purchase. Yes, a review feature is a huge necessity for a website. Normally, a user rating feature is not available in default WordPress editor. Luckily, there are plugins developed to get the review functionalities ready for your site. Why WordPress Review plugin is useful for your website? User review or ratings is a modern approach for a website. It holds high significance and has lots of benefits for both site owners and visitors. A site owner can have a record of reviews from clients coming from different parts of the… Read More

8 + Best WordPress Free Mega Menu Plugins

People in modern times prefer to have a dynamic and astonishing look for their website. One of the most important parts of a website is the menu or navigation section. Visitors are likely to have their eye directly on the menu area of a website whenever they visit a site for the first time. If the navigation is attractive one then it may get visitors to stay on your site for a longer period of time. One of the most stunning and extended features for navigation is the Mega Menu. For a WordPress website, you will find numerous plugins for creating mega menus on a website. But it’s definitely a time-consuming process to find the best one. To make it… Read More

5 + Best Free Blog Plugins for WordPress

There is a huge number of Bloggers worldwide. For them, their blog website holds much importance. The look of a website matters a lot especially if it is based on a blog. Bloggers share their experience, knowledge through their blogs and articles. So, the quality and overall design of your website are what makes people stay on to your website. Every website owner wants to have the best layout design for their website. And if it is a blog website then the entire look of the site will matter a lot. Since people, these are fascinated with modern and trending design the traditional layout design for blog website are no longer in use. Hence, people opt for something refreshing and… Read More

10 + Best Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact Form has always been a very popular and integral part of a website. A website is incomplete without a contact form. It makes communication very easy between site owners and visitors. Visitors can post their queries through the contact form so that a web owner can understand what our client’s demand and need. Hence, a contact form plays an important role in uplifting business communication smoothly. In WordPress, there are some wonderful plugins developed for creating contact forms. After doing some thorough research, we have come up with the collection below. Some of the Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins have been listed in the given article. Every single plugin are user-friendly and very easy to implement. In modern days,… Read More