15+ Best Free Photography WordPress Themes 2021

Photography is a passionate and exciting profession. In modern days, we see lots of photographers growing professionally. Whether it’s wildlife photography, event-based photography etc. more people are getting involved in this business. Certainly, they need some sort of recognition to feel valued and get some exposure. For this, a powerful online presence is required. Here, we gather some awesome free photography WordPress themes for forming a photography website. Since WordPress is a huge market you will find a ton of beautiful and creative WordPress themes online. Here, we want to make everything easy for you. Yes, we have personally handpicked some of the best WordPress themes based on photography. Let’s view some of the Best Free Photography WordPress themes for Read More

15+ Best Free Travel WordPress Themes 2021

As travel and tour business has become one of the fast-growing trade. Many travel companies have been increased. and most of them are going online to extend their business. With the increasing usage of WordPress, the number of WP themes is also rising swiftly at the same time. The reason why free travel WordPress theme is designed is to help the individual and businesses owners choose the best theme for creating their own profile including their own videos, images, their adventures, advertisements, and many others. We have hand-picked and selected a few popular and excellent collection of free travel WordPress themes. They can be effective and informative you to create for your company portrait. Besides that, all the themes are Read More

15+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes 2021!

A portfolio website is a standard and modern way to show an individual’s professional history. Especially people like writers and photographers have a high chance of getting famous and well-known among many people. Clearly, it leads to a big advantage to promote their work and get more offers. Considering that, we would like you to look at some best free portfolio WordPress themes for building an awesome portfolio website. With WordPress building, a website is as easy as baking a pie. Yes, you don’t need to have that special skill on technology to create a website. Just a few mins and a complete website will be ready instantly. WordPress is a big platform where you will find plenty of WordPress Read More

15+ Best Free Salon & Spa WordPress Themes 2021

In the present world, beauty, salon and spa business is one of the most leading among other businesses in the recent comparison. Besides that who are many people interested in starting their own spa and saloon related business. They obviously get confused about the procedure of how businesses are run online without proper guidance. Taking this topic seriously we have selected a few free salon and spa WordPress themes which can be helpful for your self-development in the online arena. Along with that the themes mentioned below free salon & spa WordPress themes are easy, simple and can be used by the new builders as well.                             Read More

15+ Best Free Construction WordPress Themes 2021

In this present time, business is bringing tough competition in the market place. Companies try to grab every single opportunity that knocks at their door. All in all new-work & new- contracts are what businessman should focus on & ultimately potential clients will surely take a look at your companies website profile. Having said that there should be proper planning while composing a website for your company. Since it will help your company to bring new clients, viewers and of course profitable earnings. Below we have mentioned the Free Construction WordPress Themes. Here, all the listing is the most popular,great-looking, exceptionally customizable. Including they come with top-notch expert support also many more other adjustable features are been supported. Let’s get Read More

15+ Best Free Fitness WordPress Themes for 2021

Generally, every human being wants to have a fit body and be healthy all the time. Many prefer to have a light exercise while others prefer to make it big so they join the best gym and fitness house in the town to make sure they are well fitted all the time. In modern days, there are quite big numbers of gym, fitness club and houses found in almost every place. In fact, big international offices also provide gym facilities for its employees so that they are fit and healthy to work effectively. Hence, they certainly need to be in the online world to promote gym industries worldwide. In this article, we present you with the best free fitness WordPress Read More

15+ Best Free Education WordPress Themes 2021

Before joining any schools or colleges everyone research single detail and make sure that they have chosen the right one. So, as to start an educational environment you have to start with your own website to invest all your information and acknowledge the viewer. WordPress is one of the easy and best platforms for creating websites. It provides you limitless options for WordPress themes. Schools, universities, colleges, tuition classes, coaching classes these all educational institutions will be nicely profited through online appearance. Before using premium themes it’s better to start off with free education WordPress themes. Below are the most popular and finest Free Education WordPress Themes, these themes are well-managed and marked to design your academic website. Let’s go Read More

15+ Best Free Medical WordPress Themes 2021

The medical industry is huge and we often find a wide number of hospitals, nursing homes, health posts, clinics, and other health-related businesses. In this digital age, a website plays a vital part in rising any business high. With just a single click millions of people around the world get to know about you and your business. Like every industry medical companies also need to be explored more online so that it would be easy for people to find them. We have some fine collection of free medical WordPress themes arranged especially for a medical business. WordPress is known to be the most simple and durable platform for building a website. When you search online, you will find numerous WordPress Read More

20+ Best Premium Construction WordPress Themes 2021

In this article, we will be discussing the premium construction WordPress themes. The world is growing rapidly with new techniques & ideas. There is a huge competition in the market field who are offering their services. As it is not possible to reach out personally, so creating a website is very important from small-large scale companies to endorse their products and achievements. Promoting your company is very essential for any business as it helps to gain popularity and ultimately increase the number of customers. There are numerous themes available on the internet but the themes you select should not have any hassle while composing up a professional website. If you are planning to create a website for any construction field then Read More

How to create a menu in WordPress?

WordPress is known to be the most popular and easiest platform for building websites. Create a menu in WordPress site is an important section which gives a structure of any website. With the help of menu, visitors will be able to decide which part of the website they want to go. Commonly, it is arranged either in the header or footer section. According to the requirements, we decide and create menus depending upon the themes and the sites. Here we will be discussing create a menu in WordPress from the page, categories, tags, posts, and custom links: 1. From the Dashboard click on Appearance >Menus 2.Insert a Menu name 3. Next, on the left side, you can add a post, page, Read More