5 + Best WooCommerce POS Plugins 2023

WooCommerce POS Plugins

Do you want to add a WooCommerce POS plugin to your site?

On an eCommerce website, there are many things to consider to run it effectively. On the front face, it can be designs, colors, products, etc. While in the backend the most vital thing is the proper management of sales. Yes, here we are talking about a clear and systematic record of the overall sales. In technical language, we call it a point of sales. To carry out this function we often use WordPress plugins. In the market, you will find many POS plugins. Hence, we would list out some of the best and most awesome plugins in this article.

No, let’s go ahead and list out these plugins :

Best WooCommerce POS Plugins 2022

WooCommerce POS

woocommerce pos

WooCommerce POS is a WordPress plugin designed for managing points of sales on any online website. The plugin is very easy to use and lets things be done in a quick manner. For a eCommerce website, this plugin is quite a must to manage your sales record in a proper manner.

Major Features:

  • Tags/Categories posted as Hashtags
  • URL Shorteners
  • Auto-import comments
  • Additional URL Parameters
  • Export/Import Plugin settings
  • Custom URLs for AutoPosts


wePOS – Point Of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce


wePOS is one of the best plugin designed specifically for point of sale. This simple plugin helps users to manage the inventory of their eCommerce site. The plugin consists of some awesome features that make it a significant one. This plugin is certainly a boon for business owners to make sure they get accurate and up-to-date information on day-to-day sales transactions. Thus, supporting in making proper decisions.

Major Features:

  • Easy Social Media Scheduling
  • Cross-Posting and Cross-Promotion
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Tracking with URL parameters
  • Content Curation


Point of Sale POS for WooCommerce

point of sale

Point of Sale POS for WooCommerce is one awesome plugin that will let you post any of your content to social media automatically. It works with a scheduling system so users will need to set up the date and time at which the shared post will be circulated on all the social media.

Major Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Publish post/pages automatically
  • Compatible with other plugins


Oliver POS

oliver pos

Oliver POS has been made particularly for auto posting your posts to your Facebook accounts or pages. It works in an extremely easy and convenient manner. As soon as you publish your posts anything on your website it will promptly be shared to your Facebook profile or pages. Users need to keep in mind firstly to configure their Facebook account with their site and also set which type of post you will be sharing for auto-post.

Major Features:

  • Auto post on your Facebook profile and fan pages
  • Logs available
  • Post format selection ability
  • Message format configuration ability
  • Lightweight


WooCommerce POS Inventory Count


WooCommerce POS Inventory Count is one of the best WordPress plugins to have for auto posting posts and articles into your different social media sites. At present, it supports more than 15 social sites. The usage of this plugin is highly beneficial in improving the ranking of your blogs and drive more traffics. Users can also re-publish their previous posts automatically at any scheduled time.

Major Features:

  • WordPress Multisite fully compatible
  • Additionally Filter posts
  • Auto re-publish old blog posts
  • Multiple Accounts per social site supported
  • Logs are generated


WooPOS Gift Cards for WooCommerce

woopos gift

WooPOS Gift Cards for WooCommerce is the plugin designed specifically for auto posting your post in your Twitter account. It’s is the best one if you are a regular Twitter user for sharing posts and articles frequently time. You can configure the settings and manage yourself which posts and pages you would like to post. Save time and let your followers know about your latest tweets regularly.

Major Features:

  • Auto-post of new posts, custom post types
  • Message format configuration ability
  • Logs available
  • Message format configuration ability
  • Ability to shorten URL
  • Ability to enable and disable auto post



We are hopeful that this article is advantageous to our users who are looking to have a point of sale on a website. In today’s competitive market eCommerce site owners definitely need to have effective and smooth-running businesses. A well-managed sales record is what ones need. Hence, users can consider these plugins to boost their business.

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