5 + Best WordPress Library Management Plugins 2024

WordPress Library Management Plugins

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If you have a lot of media files on your WordPress website, managing them can quickly become a hassle. That’s where WordPress library management plugins come in. These plugins can help you organize and manage your media files by creating folders, adding tags, and even batch editing. They make it easy to find the files you need and keep everything in order. Some library management plugins even have advanced features such as search capabilities, file tracking, and user permissions. With these tools, you can streamline your workflow and improve collaboration between team members.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best WordPress library management plugins available. We’ll explore their features, user interface, and pricing to help you find the best solution for your website’s needs. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or website owner, these plugins can help you take control of your media library and make managing your files a breeze.

Now, let’s go ahead and discuss them below:

Best WordPress Library Management Plugins 2024

Enhanced Media Library

enhance media

Enhanced Media Library is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to categorize and tag your media files for easier browsing and organization. With this plugin, you can create unlimited custom taxonomies and filters to sort your media files based on any criteria you choose. Additionally, Enhanced Media Library provides a customizable media grid view and support for third-party media file types. Whether you’re a blogger or a content creator, Enhanced Media Library is an essential tool for keeping your media files organized and easy to manage.

Major Features:

  • Enhanced Media Library
  • Dynamic Galleries
  • Developer Friendly
  • Multisite Compatible




FileBird is a WordPress media library management plugin that helps you organize your media files in folders, instead of having them all in one place. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can easily move files and create new folders. It also includes features like bulk selection, quick editing, and media filtering to make managing your media library more efficient. FileBird is a great solution for anyone who needs to keep their media files organized, especially for those who work with large amounts of media content.

Major Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Smart Context Menu
  • Painless Migration
  • Strong Search Feature


WordPress Real Media Library

wordpress real media

WordPress Real Media Library is a powerful media library management plugin that enables users to organize their media files with ease. With this plugin, you can create custom folders and collections for your media files and easily drag and drop files to the desired folder. It also offers advanced filtering options, such as sorting media files by date, size, and type. The plugin also allows you to edit and manage metadata for your media files. It is a great tool for bloggers, photographers, and media professionals who want to streamline their media management process in WordPress.

Major Features:

  • Complete file and folder manager
  • Create shortcuts for files
  • Custom image order
  • Advanced upload management


Media Library Assistant

media library

Media Library Assistant is a WordPress plugin that enhances media library functionality by adding a range of useful features. It allows you to manage and organize your media files in a better way by providing you with various options like bulk edit, drag and drop, search and replace, and more. With the plugin, you can also create galleries, filter media items by various criteria, and attach metadata to your files. Moreover, Media Library Assistant integrates seamlessly with other plugins like WooCommerce and NextGEN Gallery, making it an excellent choice for those looking to improve their media management experience in WordPress.

Major Features:

  • Enhanced Search Media box.
  • Integrates with Photonic Gallery, Jetpack, etc
  • Powerful Content Templates
  • Where-used reporting


WordPress Media Library Folders

wordpress library

The WordPress Media Library Folders plugin allows you to organize your media files by creating folders and subfolders within the media library. With this plugin, you can easily manage and find your media files, making it a great option for websites with a large number of images and videos. You can also move files between folders and edit folder names, and the plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins.

Major Features:

  • Regenerate thumbnails.
  • Create a MaxGalleria gallery
  • SEO Images to specify ALT and TITLE attributes
  • Sync folders/files when moving


Mediamatic – Media Library Folders


Mediamatic is a WordPress plugin that organizes your media files in folders for easy access and management. With this plugin, you can create unlimited folders and subfolders to categorize and store your images, videos, and other media files. The plugin also allows you to search and filter your media library based on keywords, file types, and folders. Mediamatic offers a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to manage your media files. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with other popular media plugins, such as WP Media Folder and Advanced Custom Fields.

Major Features:

  • Simple to Use
  • Translation Ready
  • Build beautiful galleries


To Conclude,

WordPress library management plugins can greatly enhance the way you organize and manage your media files on your website. With a wide range of options available, you can easily find the one that suits your needs and take your website’s media management to the next level.

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