5 + Best WordPress Referral Plugins 2023

Best WordPress Referral Plugins

Want to add a referral plugin to your website?

In today’s tech world, exploration of information and knowledge is what’s most important.  If you are running any business or an entrepreneur then you should keep in mind that you will need to make sure to run your business smoothly. Hence, one of the most quickies ways to expose your business is by referral. Yes, here we mean getting your website reference by another party or website.

In this article, we shall share with you some of the best referral plugins in the market today.


Best WordPress Referral Plugins 2023

AffiliateWP Checkout Referrals

affiliate wp

AffiliateWP Checkout Referrals can be installed in your WordPress easily. By adding this plugin users can let the images in your site appear in a vibrant and attractive way. You can even create a gallery of images along with a lightbox feature. It is filled with many kinds of features which will help you do more stuff to enhance the images. Add links to the images and set your desired site linked to it.

Major Features:

  • Select how the Affiliate’s should be displayed in the select menu
  • Choose what text is shown above the select menu at checkout.
  • Adds a payment note to the order screen
  • Shows a select menu or input field at checkout


WP Referral Code

wp referral

WP Referral Code is again a popular lightbox plugin. It is a drag and drop builder which lets you add lightbox into the images on your site. It has more than 200,000 + active installations so it is used by a huge number of people. Not just you can create an attractive gallery of images but also modify its looks and presence.

Major Features:

  • Shortcodes are provided
  • User-friendly “copy refer link box”
  • Flexible
  • Responsive


Customer Referral Program

customer referral

Customer Referral Program users wanting to have a customized calculator. Install the plugin and get modern look for the dashboard easily. Enhance the entire appearance of the dashboard as you have always wanted. Set logo in your dashboard and change its color and also maintain the whole look of the admin panel in a mesmerizing way.

Major Features:

  • Simple one-time integration
  • Fully customizable email templates etc
  • Referral fraud prevention mechanisms
  • Select from multiple customer referral options


Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce

multilevel referral

Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce will let you customize the functionalities of quotes. Design and modify the dashboard as per your need and want. Have complete control over all the settings and get the desired look of the dashboard. It is one of the most simple and user-friendly WordPress dashboard plugins to have for your website.

Major Features:

  • Increase sales through a referral chain
  • Customized email templates
  • Set Auto Join or Manual join option
  • Invite friends through social media


AffiliateWP – Allow Own Referrals


AffiliateWP – Allow Own Referrals is one finest WordPress plugins build for upgrading job vacancies on a website. Users will be able to update the design of every section of the admin dashboard. Things like login, register, forgot password and many others. Modify the whole appearance of the templates as you want to and experiment with its look using colors and fonts.

Major Features:

  • Complete affiliate management system
  • Simple to use system
  •  Seamlessly integrates with all e-commerce and platforms


AffiliateWP – External Referral Links

external referral links

AffiliateWP – External Referral Links is one plugin that offers a wide range of features. The striking feature of the plugin will hide automatically when the page is fully loaded. Update calculating features in the admin panel and also be able to enqueue your own Google Web Fonts. You will be able to add shortcodes in widgets on the front page of your site.

Major Features:

  • Promote any landing page
  • User-friendly
  • Works well in all eCommerce platform



These plugins are surely something to try with a website. In certain situations, if you want to have a calculating issue then the above plugins are there just to solve your problem.

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