5 + Best WordPress Post Views Counter Plugins 2024

WordPress Post Views Counter Plugins

Would you like to have post views counter plugin on your site?

In WordPress, a post is a well-known thing to everyone. Everytime we are posting something new on a website. Generally, posts are seen by every visitor who visits a certain site. However, in some cases, there will issue like many numbers of posts within categories or pages. It is certain that we can get to know the total number of visitors visiting a website through google analytics. But it’s not possible to know the total number of visitors who visit certain posts. So to know the exact number of visitors who have seen a post on a site an extra plugin is used. You will find the post views counter plugin for WordPress.

In the market, you will have a tough time finding out the best ones in the market. So, here we are going to have a look at some of the best WordPress Post Views Counter Plugins

Now, here’s the list goes below :

Best WordPress Post Views Counter Plugins for 2024

Post Views Counter

post views counter

The Post Views Counter plugin is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows website owners to track and display the number of views their posts have received. With customizable settings and a variety of display options, this plugin is perfect for bloggers and content creators who want to monitor the popularity of their content and showcase their most popular posts to their readers. Increase engagement and improve your website’s performance with Post Views Counter.

Major Features:

  • Dashboard post views stats widget
  • Custom REST API endpoints
  • Excluding users by IPs
  • Multisite compatibile
  • WPML and Polylang compatible


Content Views 

content views

Content Views is a popular WordPress plugin that lets you display posts, pages, and custom post types in a customizable grid or list layout. With its powerful filters and sorting options, you can easily create beautiful, responsive grids to showcase your content. Content Views is fully customizable and easy to use, even for beginners. It also includes a range of built-in templates and support for custom templates, so you can create a unique look for your site. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or developer, Content Views is a must-have plugin for anyone looking to showcase their content in a beautiful way.

Major Features:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Pagination support
  • SEO friendly and optimized for speed
  • Sort posts by date, title
  • GDPR compliance


Page View Count

page view count

Page View Count plugin is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows you to track the number of visitors who view your website’s pages. This plugin allows you to monitor the performance of your website’s pages and make data-driven decisions. With Page View Count, you can display the page view count on your website’s pages and keep your audience informed about the popularity of your content. This plugin is highly customizable and allows you to configure the settings to meet your specific needs.

Major Features:

  • Set the color and size of the counter icon
  • Add Page Views counter via shortcode
  • Set alignment of the counter Left, Right, or Centre
  • Switch ON | OFF hide Page Views Count


Post View Count

post view count

Post View Count Plugin is a lightweight and easy-to-use plugin for WordPress that helps track and display the number of views of each post or page. With its simple settings, the plugin enables you to show the view count on your site and engage your audience with popular content. The plugin also offers options to customize the display of the view count, including selecting the position, styling, and more. Install the Post View Count Plugin today to improve your site’s performance and enhance the user experience.

Major Features:

  • Lightweight plugin
  • No third party dependency
  • Post views display in backend post grid


Simple Post Views Count

simple post views

Simple Post Views Count is a lightweight and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that helps you track the number of views on your posts, pages, and custom post types. With this plugin, you can display the total view count or the count for individual posts using a simple shortcode. The plugin also offers an option to reset the view count for individual posts or all posts. Simple Post Views Count helps you get an insight into your content’s performance and popularity on your website.

Major Features:

  • Easy to configure in admin section
  • Manage Post views
  • Responsive


Post Views Stats Counter

post views stats counter

Post Views Stats Counter is a WordPress plugin that tracks and displays post views statistics. It allows website owners to see how many times a post has been viewed by their audience. The plugin provides detailed statistics for each post, such as daily and total views, and displays them in an easy-to-read format. The plugin is highly customizable, allowing users to choose which post types to track, set a time limit for counting views, and more. With Post Views Stats Counter, website owners can make data-driven decisions to improve their content and engage their audience.

Major Features:

  • View total access per day, week, month, and all days
  • Display how many times post and page viewed
  • Ignore bots and UserAgents
  • Exclude admin user and login users


To Conclude,

WordPress post views plugins are essential tools for website owners and bloggers to track and display the number of views on their posts. With the help of these plugins, users can analyze the performance of their content and make informed decisions to improve their website’s traffic and engagement.

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