5 + Best WordPress Pop Up Plugins 2023

wordpress popup plugins

Do you want to add a pop-up feature to your website?

We all are familiar with pop-ups. It is one of the most interesting parts of a website. A Pop-up not only looks good on a site but is also a nice way to advertise something or provide an important message for visitors. We usually find a popup coming out on most of the websites especially during any festival or occasion. We often see discount offers for products and services in a popup to let customers know about them at first.

In WordPress, some themes might have built-in popup designed while some themes might not. Well, luckily users don’t have to worry much. There are many plugins available in the market that works for adding popup in websites.

We have done a deep research about it and we are sharing them with you below:

Best WordPress Pop Up Plugins 2023

Popup Builder

popup builder

Popup Builder is one of the best plugins for adding quotes to a WordPress site. This plugin is very easy to use and will let users showcase outstanding quotes in the best way.

Major Features:

  • Customize the look and feel
  • Set popup animation effect
  • Set popup location on the screen
  • OnClick/OnHover popup
  • Responsive popup


Social Media Share Buttons Popup

popup builder

Social Media Share Buttons Popuup plugin is one of the best one for quotes. You can do various kinds of things within the dashboard like changing its design and functionalities. Add rearrange the menu items in the panel and also play with its look like changing. Customize the appearance of the menu and sub-menu design. Users will also be able to hide or show the elements of the menu without any difficulty.

Major Features:

  • Pick from 16 different designs
  • Make your social media icons ‘float’ or ‘sticky’
  • Add ‘counts’ to your social media buttons
  • Display sharing-buttons
  • Allow visitors to subscribe


CM Pop-Up banners for WordPress

cm popup

CM Pop-Up has everything for job users wanting to have a customized calculator. Install the plugin and get modern look for the dashboard easily. Enhance the entire appearance of the dashboard as you have always wanted. Set logo in your dashboard and change its color and also maintain the whole look of the admin panel in a mesmerizing way.

Major Features:

  • Create Banner Campaigns
  • Customize popups with HTML and images
  • Display popup ad on center or footer of page


Popup Maker

popup maker

Popup Maker will let you customize the functionalities of quotes. Design and modify the dashboard as per your need and want. Have a complete control over all the settings and get the desired look of the dashboard. It is one of the most simple and user-friendly WordPress dashboard plugins to have for your website.

Major Features:

  • Popup look and feel customization
  • Beautiful opt-in forms
  • Mailchimp popup
  • Contact form popup
  • PayPal popup



pop ups

Poptin is one finest WordPress plugins build for upgrading job vacancies on a website. Users will be able to update the design of every section of the admin dashboard. Things like login, register, forgot password and many others. Modify the whole appearance of the templates as you want to and experiment with its look using colors and fonts.

Major Features:

  • Grow your email list
  • Recover cart abandonment
  • Beautiful popups
  • Responsive
  • Ultra-lightweight


Pop-Up Chop Chop

pop up chop

Pop-Up Chop Chop is one plugin that offers a wide range of features. The striking feature of the plugin will hide automatically when the page is fully loaded. Update calculating features in the admin panel and also be able to enqueue your own Google Web Fonts. You will be able to add shortcodes in widgets on the front page of your site.

Major Features:

  • Unlimited pop-up number
  • Two pop-up sizes
  • Quick and easy pop-up setup
  • Highly customizable content
  • Email notifications


To Conclude,

These plugins are surely something to try with a website. In certain situations, if you want to have a calculating issue then the above plugins are there just to solve your problem.

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