5 + Best WordPress Data Visualization Plugins 2023

WordPress data visualization Plugins

Do you want to showcase information in a visual chart on your site?

We all might have some kind of data and information on your website. In some cases, it may be related to numbers and percentages. Although these data can be shown in a simple manner they will look much better if it’s shown in attractive digital charts and graphs. And to only way to showcase such data is by using WordPress Data Visualization Plugins.

We have done a thorough research and came up with these plugins and made sure that you get the best ones that are available in the present market. You will have a great time using them on your site as they are very easy to use.

Let’s see them below:

Best WordPress Data Visualization Plugins 2023

Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress


Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress is one of the best plugins for showcasing all of your data in a visual diagram. The plugin is very easy to use and manageable for anyone.  It consists of many features that you will find helpful. You can manage to make your site look impressive on mobile phones. It will let you alter the design like color and fonts in the chart diagram. You can import data and other informations in a quick way.

Major Features:

  • Responsive
  • Gutenberg Support
  • Flexible & Customizable
  • 9 Chart Types


Infogram – Add charts, maps, and infographics


Infogram is one of the best choices if you are looking for a plugin to create charts and maps. It’s very easy to use this plugin and works effectively on any kind of hand-held device. It offers its users a wide range of templates and chart designs that will attract users promptly. The plugin has many rich and exciting features that users will enjoy experimenting with on their site.

Major Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Authenticate into their own library
  • Supports one-click embedding
  • Wide range of high-quality template designs
  • Fast & Easy


Infographic Maker – iList

infographic maker

Infographic Maker – iList is yet another impressive plugin to install in your WordPress to create awesome designs of charts and graphics. Using this plugin, users can design HTML embedded graphs and charts into their website. These mobile-friendly charts and graphs will appear clean and organized on the site.

Major Features:

  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive
  • Infographics are embeddable
  • Customizable for every aspect of colors and fonts


Stockdio Historical Chart


Stockdio Historical Chart is one of the best plugins for adding visual charts

Major Features:

  • Simple to Use
  • Gutenberg editor friendly
  • Attractive charts
  • Responsive


iChart – Easy Charts and Graphs with COVID Widgets


iChart is one finest WordPress plugins build for upgrading job vacancies on a website. Users will be able to update the design of every section of the admin dashboard. Things like login, register, forgot password, and many others. Modify the whole appearance of the templates as you want to and experiment with its look using colors and fonts.

Major Features:

  • No Chart saving or data table option
  • Quick Shortcode Generator for Charts
  • HTML5, Responsive Charts
  • Quick Shortcode Generator for Charts
  • Supports Pie Charts, Bar charts, Line Charts, etc




Snowball is one plugin that offers a wide range of features. The striking feature of the plugin will hide automatically when the page is fully loaded. Update calculating features in the admin panel and also be able to enqueue your own Google Web Fonts. You will be able to add shortcodes in widgets on the front page of your site.

Major Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Extremely Responsive
  • Support  different content including text, images, etc
  • Customize a block with HTML & CSS


To Conclude,

These plugins are surely something to try with a website. Hope you will use them for making your site and images secure and protect them from theft.

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