6+ Best WooCommerce Registration Plugins 2024

Best WooCommerce Registration Plugins (1)

Want to add a WooCommerce registration plugin to your site?

When talking about eCommerce integration with WordPress, what comes first in your mind? It’s definitely WooCommerce. WooCommerce is probably one of the most popular plugins for eCommerce integration.

Generally, you can find many functionalities in WooCommerce. It can be anything like price, payment, import product, a product option, delivery date, and many others. One of the major aspects of WooCommerce is its registration form. Although it has custom registration form settings but is quite ordinary and doesn’t fulfill the requirements for a complete eCommerce website. People today look for new and modern technology on the site.

Here is the List of Best Free Plugins for WooCommerce Registration for 2024.

  1. Simple Registration for WooCommerce
  2. RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms and User Login
  3. Nss Wooregistration Form
  4. Woocommerce Login / Signup Lite
  5. Woocommerce Custom Registration
  6. WooCommerce registration form
  7. Login Popup
  8. User Registration & WooCommerce Integration

Let’s explore each of them in details.

Simple Registration for WooCommerce


As the name of the plugins dictates, a simple and easy to use a plugin for creating a registration form of WooCommerce. This plugin is probably the most simple one among others. It’s very easy to install and work with. After installation of the plugin, you will only require to put the given shortcode [woocommerce_simple_registration] inside your WordPress admin panel. And in no time you will find the registration form.


RegistrationMagic – Custom Registration Forms and User Login


If you are looking for one of popular or convincing plugin for registration form in WooCommerce then Registration Magic is one of the best choice for you. Simply download the plugin from the official website of WordPress and install it in your admin panel. This plugin includes lots of features and functionalities. You can create new user registration for many and even define a role for each of them.


Nss Wooregistration Form


Nss Wooregistration Form is one plugin which everyone will definitely love. Whether you are a newbie to WordPress or a regular user you can utilize this plugin for form registration. One good thing about this plugin is that you are not required to create any new pages for it. You can simply get your My Account page and find the registration form ready. People will definitely find it easy to work with this plugin. Moreover, you can also customize the plugin with ease not needing any specific technical knowledge.


Woocommerce Login / Signup Lite


Woocommerce Login/Signup Lite is a distinct registration form plugin made for WooCommerce website. Using this plugin, you can build a decent and clean registration form on your website. Unlike other plugins, you will have 3 shortcodes that you can paste on your website.


Woocommerce Custom Registration


WooCommerce Custom Registration is a wonderful plugin to add to your WordPress. You can add more attractive fields in your registration form with the help of this plugin. You can be assured that the new data taken form users will stay at safe in the user profile section.


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WooCommerce registration form


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User Registration & WooCommerce Integration


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Finishing Up,

So, those were the best Best WooCommerce Registration Plugins. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. If you are looking to build your website in WordPress then you can choose any of the above web hosting providers.

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