5+ Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins 2024

WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

Do you want to have a quick product filter plugin for your website?

We all know about WooCommerce themes. WooCommerce themes are often quite popular among other WordPress themes. By using a WooCommerce themes you can have a quick ecommerce design and functionalities ready in a website. Though WooCommerce plugin itself has everything you need for a complete ecommerce website. Still, WordPress contains some plugins that will let you to enjoy some further advanced functions. The collection of plugin we are describing below is for best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins.

So, let’s not wait more and check out them below:

Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins 2024

WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce


WOOF – PRoducts Filter for WooComerce is the ultimate best plugin for a WooCommerce Product Filter with attractive number of downloads in WordPress.org. By using this plugin, users can easily  filter products by categories, attributes, products tags, products custom taxonomies and price. Just copy and paste the shortcode in any page or posts and have the product filtering features ready in your site.

Major Features:

  • Representation
  • Products shortcode
  • Products searching by AJAX
  • Step by step products filter
  • Dynamic products recount


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Another powerful plugin for WooCommerce Product Filter is Yith WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter. The plugin is the best solution of having product filter option extended in your WooCommerce page or posts. It comes with a variety of some really awesome features that users will admire. It works swift and perfect than anyh other plugin so you can have your desired product by simply typing any product’s name in the search bar.

Major Features:

  • Filter WooCommerce products
  • Reset all applied filters
  • User-friendly


Themify – WooCommerce Product Filter


Themify – WooCommerce Product Filter is a simple plugin which will allow you to filter list of products based on categories, tags, price range, attributes and many other things. This amazing plugin works promptly and will save lots of your time of going through different products one be one.

Major Features:

  • Live search results
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Multiple filter combinations
  • Vertical or horizontal layout


Advanced AJAX Product Filters

ajax product

Advanced AJAX Product Filters is a simple plugin that helps users to get product filter results about the services without refreshing the page. To satisfy the needs of SEO and to serve your visitors with the great experience you can use this plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can place the shortcodes anywhere on the pages of your website. Also, it comes with a free demo and video tutorial, available on youtube.

Major Features:

  • New buttons styles
  • Selected filters area horizontal styles
  • Collapse widget option
  • AJAX Filters, Pagination and Sorting
  • Filter by Attribute


WooCommerce Product Filter by WooBeWoo


With WooCommerce Product Filter by WooBeWoo visitors to have different products filtered. Using this plugin you can filter list of products which will display your website content beautifully. You can enable or disable the buttons from the setting option. Moreover, this plugin will give a boost to your SEO and your visitor’s experiences without affecting them in a negative way.

Major Features:

  • Filters by any criteria
  • Variations of a display at the front end
  • AJAX live search
  • Price filter design
  • Fully responsive


Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce

premmerce product

Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin will crop the content and adds a read more button. You can change filter list of products according to fields like price range, attributes, and others. Further, this plugin benefits you to change the text length of the read more button: by default, the predefined length of a button is 55 words.

Major Features:

  • Single widget for all filters
  • Displaying only available attributes
  • Deferred loading
  • Ajax filtering


To Conclude,

Coming at the end we hope you had good time while reading the above article. Why make your ecommerce website very boring let’s experiment with different plugins and make it more functional and feature rich.

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