5 + Best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins 2023

wordpress delivery date plugins

Are you searching for  WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins?

Having a perfect WooCommerce website is not easy. Many kinds of features are needed to make sure your site looks extremely professional and functional. Wouldn’t you wish to have some incredible function in your site where customers around the world can choose the delivery date of their purchase? Yes, definitely it is one of the most interesting things to have on the WooCommerce website. But as for the WordPress default, this feature is not available. It will either need advanced customization or installation of plugin based on delivery date.

Here, in this article, we are going to get in detail and know about the best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins.

Let’s see them below:

Best WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugins 2023

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

order delivery


Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce is one of the most effective plugins for users to add a delivery date to their WooCommerce website. After you install the plugin the option of Delivery Date will be added instantly. With this option, customers will be able to set the delivery date of their chosen products. Not just that, but also track their orders.

Key Features:

  • St minimum required time for delivery
  • Limit the number of deliveries/orders
  • Customers can choose As Soon As Possible deliveries
  • Disable delivery for Virtual and Featured products


Delivery & Pickup Date Time for WooCommerce

delivery & pickup

Delivery & Pickup Date Time for WooCommerce is yet again a popular plugin for making delivery features on any website. The plugin is just amazing and has all the features for letting customers maintain the delivery date of their products.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to manage for owners


Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite

product delivery

Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite has everything for job users wanting to have a customized calculator. Install the plugin and get a modern look for the dashboard easily. Enhance the entire appearance of the dashboard as you have always wanted. Set logo in your dashboard and change its color and also maintain the whole look of the admin panel in a mesmerizing way.

Key Features:

  • Set number of dates available for advance delivery
  • Disable the non-delivery day
  • Product delivery can be set in hours
  • Allow the customer to select Delivery date


Order Delivery Date for WP e-Commerce

order delivery date

Order Delivery Date for WP e-Commerce is one of the most simple and easy-to-use plugins. By just a quick installation of this plugin, users can have the support forum feature on your website. Share your queries and answers with as many people as you like. Being very easy to use most users will quickly get used to it. Plus the features are amazing and highly helpful. You can have strong control over the user roles and other factors.

Key Features:

  • Specify the time range available for delivery / pick up
  • Show 2 months in calendar
  • Customize field label, field note text
  • Choose the convenient date format


Delivery Times for WooCommerce

delivery times

Delivery Times for WooCommerce is one finest WordPress plugins build for upgrading job vacancies on a website. Users will be able to update the design of every section of the admin dashboard. Things like login, register, forgot password, and many others. Modify the whole appearance of the templates as you want to and experiment with its look using colors and fonts.

Key Features:

  • Simple to Use
  • Let customers choose their desired delivery date and time
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Quick & Effective


Order date, Order pickup, delivery date for Woocommerce

order date order pickup

This plugin is simply the best plugin for managing order and delivery features on a website. The striking feature of the plugin will hide automatically when the page is fully loaded. Update calculating features in the admin panel and also be able to enqueue your own Google Web Fonts. You will be able to add shortcodes in widgets on the front page of your site.

Key Features:

  •  Offer pick upon delivery or both this type
  •  Hide or show the checkout form field
  • Add a custom label to the delivery and pickup selection button
  • Set text and background color of the delivery type buttons


To Conclude,

These plugins are surely something to try with a website. Hope you will use them for making your site and images secure and protect them from theft.

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