8 + Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins 2024

free plugins for google map

If you are a tech or web lover then you must be familiar with Google Map. In fact, it’s a must need feature for every emerging website. A map can give your website a innovative and informative look. In WordPress, it is commonly seen a google map being used in most of its website. Generally, there are many themes which has in-built google map functionality which makes it easy for users to create map on their website. On the other side, WordPress also offers variety of plugins that can extend the functionality of implementing a Google Map. And in this article we are going to check out these best WordPress google map plugins.

Why is Google Map Plugins necessary?

Well, if you are running any website for your business or any organization then it’s obvious that you would like to explore it to people worldwide. A contact address is the major section of any website and with the feature of google map things get more interesting. Yes, your site will not only look beautiful but also gives people a glance to find the location of your office accurately. Consequently, it will uplift your business to a higher level.

We have very carefully handpicked these plugins from the official website WordPress.org. Plus, they are free to use so why not experiment it with your own site? So, here we present this amazing list of plugins for google maps.

Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins for 2024

WP Google Maps

wpgooglemap Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins

WP Google Maps is one of the powerful and widely used WordPress plugins for showcasing Google Map on your website. You can place the shortcode of Google Map in any section of posts, pages and also on the homepage of the side. The plugin is very simple to use and just normal steps for its installations. You can use map markers to make it easy for people to know the places instantly. The Google Map Streetview is another aspect of the plugin that can be fully utilized so people can have a clear view of the map.

Major Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Extremely Responsive
  • Supports Streetview
  • Store locator functionality
  • Google Maps Transport Layer
  • UTF-8 character support


Google Maps Easy

googlemapeasy Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins

This amazing plugin Google Maps Easy is one plugin that is highly recommended for presenting a Google Map on a website. Get the Google Map on your site with less effort. Take full advantage of the varieties of map markers for enhancing the location and make it more attractive. It works with a shortcode and even with a PHP code and within a seconds you will get a complete Google Map ready. Enrich your website by drawing unique figures and path on the map which makes it more appealing.

Major Features:

  • Easily Customizable
  • Highly Responsive
  • Map with Social Share Buttons
  • Front-end map and markers editing
  • Map style custom themes


Google Maps Builder

googlemapbuilder Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins

Google Maps is undeniably one of the most important for today’s website. Google Map Builder is well-known among WordPress users and also has an attractive number of downloads in WordPress.org. This user-friendly plugin has a specialty of quick installation and implementation. Modify the overall size, the shape of the map like adjusting its width, height, etc. Alter the color, size, label for the pin in the Google Map.

Major Features:

  • Custom google map size
  • Google map color schemes
  • Custom map pin icon
  • Image format
  • Google Map Language
  • Lightbox features


WP Google Map

gmapembed Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins

Another effective WordPress plugin for Google Maps is WP Google Map. No need to be a tech expert to use the plugin into your website. You can enter the shortcode in the widget and have a fully made Google Map into your website. Since the plugin is immensely responsive the map will look great and organized on your website. Use the available map marker to the exact location you desire. The plugin comes with a well-made documentation for guidance along with dedicated support service.

Major Features:

  • Easily Customizable
  • Alter zoom level
  • Add a widget by Shortcode
  • Supports UTF-8 font encoding
  • Automatic Google Map location identification


WP Google Map Plugin


WP Google Map Plugin is again one famous and useful plugin for a Google Map. It is one of the easy to use plugin through which one can create a Google Map on a website. You can place the Google Map in any section of the website like posts, page and any other part. The plugin includes unique four kinds of maps Satellite, Terrain, Roadmap, and Hybrid. It is draggable and can update the height and width of the map.

Major Features:

  • Extremely Responsive
  • Supports Street view
  • 45° imagery functionality
  • Update map functionality
  • Supports Multi-lingual


Google Map Plugins by Intergeo


Google Maps Plugin by Intergeo is one amazing WordPress plugin for setting a Google Map to a website. Creating a map via this plugin is very interesting and different. Just a simple click on the Intergro Map link and a lovely map will appear on your website promptly. The plugin consists of a library where all of the maps you have created will be stores. So, you can always them like updating them or removing them whenever desired.

Major Features:

  • Setup initial position and zooming level in Maps
  • Add multiple locations
  • Adjust controls settings and positioning
  • WordPress location custom map
  • Setup map color styles
  • Add markers


10Web Map Builder


If you want a easy to use plugin for google map then 10Web Map Builder is here for you. This plugin is amazing and works effectively for constructing google map in a website. It is composed with robust and flexible features. Though it’s a free version but the features it provides are just awesome and lets users do so many things. Customize the overall look of the map like enhancing the icon design, colors of marker and many others.

Major Features:

  • Multiple Map Layers
  • Supports all Map Types
  • Responsive Maps
  • Supports all Google Map Controls
  • Custom Marker Icon Builder
  • Store Locater


Maps Marker


Leaflet Maps Marker is one of the powerful plugin for showing maps in your website. A map is one of the most important section of a website so a well made google map plugin is needed. So, we suggest you this plugin for reaping out best result for a complete map. . You can now show directions in your site in the most convenient way. Set up pop-up text for a certain location in the map. Modify the look of the marker by changing its color and style.

Major Features:

  • Show direction for locations
  • Varieties of Customizable icons
  • Make QR codes for standalone maps
  • Markers to Pin any place
  • Automatically generated Geo sitemap


Ultimate Maps by Supsytic


Supsystic Ultimate Maps plugin has developed for letting user have the features of Google Maps. With this plugin, you can can create maps of bing maps, openstreetmap, leaflet maps and many others. Design and customize your map in your own preferred way. You will have a variety of option to gave a modern look in your website. Update the icons along with theme style and design as you want.

Major Features:

  • Unlimited Markers
  • Add map via shortcode or PHP code
  • Map with Exposition slider
  • Easily Customizable
  • Map Markers Clustering


Closing Up,

These powerfully featured plugins are very easy to use. An attractive and well-made google map can give your website a modern touch and also acts as a medium to boost your business. People around the world can easily find your location with the help of maps.

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