15+Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress 2024

best gutenberg blocks plugins for wordpress

With Gutenberg editor, you can build a beautiful layout design for your website. It is composed of varieties of amazing blocks which you can drag and drop in your website with ease. Using its blocks you can give your website a distinct look as you want and even customize it.
But do you know that there some magnificent WordPress plugins in the market that has the ability to make better use of Gutenberg editor?
In this article, we would like to share a list of best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress. These plugins have been developed for extensive use of the Gutenberg editor with more functionalities and extended blocks.

One thing to keep in mind is that the theme you use needs to be Gutenberg compatible. If you don’t know where to find WordPress themes having Gutenberg compatibility then you can visit this blog on best free Gutenberg compatible WordPress themes. Different companies have introduced their own Gutenberg addons.

So, let’s check them out below:

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress 2024

Create attractive and stunning web pages for your website with these robust Gutenberg blocks addons.



Gutentor is an awesome block-building plugin that is utterly based on Gutenberg editor. It gives you an advanced and extended option for designing beautiful web layout designs. A wide range of unique blocks and editing tools which will give you amazing experience in creating a web page. It offers amazing features for its users. There are approximately 26 blocks available in the plugin.

Key Features:

  • Template Library
  • Layout Building
  • Typography
  • Advanced Options




Quebly is the extended block builder for Gutenberg editor. Anyone who enjoys designing web page layouts with Gutenberg can get much more with Quebly. The pre-defined templates and blocks are just amazing and save lots of time. Using its block you can create fresh and stunning layout design for your pages and posts. It is highly responsive and works perfectly in smartphones and tablets as well. With CSS customization feature you can fully modify the overall look of your site.

Key Features:

  • Predefined sections
  • Highly customizable row columns
  • Row video background & blend mode
  • Unlimited Google web fonts & system fonts
  • Classic & gradient color and background
  • Built-in animation


Kioken Blocks


Kioken Blocks is creative, interesting and makes designing web pages a splendid one. It uses the Gutenberg editor fully and has better and more functionalities and features. Many collections of blocks are offered in the plugin that gives a wide option to improve or innovate your website. You can use the sliders, custom post types, advanced animations, parallax effects, dividers and many other functions for creating awesome web pages. You can even switch to Pro if you want further features.

Key Features:

  • Too Advanced
  • Template Library
  • Extended Gutenberg Core Blocks
  • List of Amazing Blocks


Advanced Gutenberg


Advanced Gutenberg as the name says itself a Gutenberg block editor with advanced functionalities and features. This block builder has around 20+ awesome blocks and editing tools for its users. Make your website more appealing and professional like ever before with the extra blocks. It is extremely responsive and flexible. Utilize its dynamic blocks for maintaining and modifying the margins and padding of the layout, altering its background color and image, customizing and retreating its blocks.

Key Features:

  • Gutenberg Advanced Block Control
  • Responsive
  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Flexible


Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg


Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is what any designer or WordPress user needs to make awesome web pages and layout design. As Gutenberg blocks are very famous these addons give you more reasons to create websites. Implementing ultimate addons blocks is very easy and swift. It just takes one simple drag and drop of your preferred blocks and your webpage is ready in no time. And of course, you can customize the blocks with different features available in the editing option.

Key Features:

  • Advanced and Powerful Blocks
  • Speed Optimized
  • Responsive
  • Beautiful Pre-defined Templates




CoBlocks is probably one of the finest Gutenberg block building add-ons. It has almost everything a designer desires for building creative and magnificent layout designs for your website. This solid yet light plugin makes users have the better and extensive use of Gutenberg editor. Use its typography features to modify the font size, weight, transformation, etc. The extra blocks provided in CoBlocks are simply awesome and ready for building a strong website design.

Key Features:

  • Powerful yet Lightweight
  • Breakthrough Page Builder System
  • Custom Typography Controls
  • Extensible and Adaptable
  • Open Source


Ultimate Blocks


Ultimate Blocks has been specially developed for bloggers, marketers and content writers. Creating a web page layout is very easy and effective with Ultimate Blocks. It has altogether 35 amazing and productive blocks and there are many to updated in the near future.

Key Features:

  • Responsive
  • Powerful Blocks
  • User-friendly Customizer
  • SEO Ready
  • Open Source


Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks


Stackable makes designing web pages very easy, comfortable and enhancing. The blocks contained by stackable are absolutely user-friendly and easy to implement. Achieve your desire for building best and professional-looking web p[ages with stackable blocks. Being a responsive one, these blocks won’t disappoint you and looks perfect in any modern hand-held devices. The premium version of stackable is a great one and offers better and upgraded blocks. It also comes with very good customer support.

Key Features:

  • Ready to use Custom Blocks
  • Multiple Block Layouts
  • Responsive design
  • Great Effects & Features



easyblocks best gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress

If you want to get more from Gutenberg blocks then Easy Block is the ideal one for you to experiment with. This amazing block builder will make designing web page layouts to the next level. Its wonderful blocks include Call to Action, Buttons, Testimonial, Counter Up, Logo Slider, Feature box, Feature Grid, Pricing Table, Social Share, Instagram Grid, Customizable Header Hero Image, Title & Subtitle, Image & Content, Card, Author Profile, etc.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Columns Style
  • 20+ Easy Blocks and Counting
  • Completely Customizable
  • Responsive
  • Lightweight & Instant Loading
  • Expert Support


Atomic Blocks

atomicblocks best gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress

Building a web page with Atomic Blocks is just exciting and creative. Not only it is very user-friendly but also it is highly responsive. So, you can use this block builder in your smartphones or tablets and create beautiful layout designs. It provides astonishing features and functionalities such as customizing buttons, modifying page sections, alter the page layout design options and many others.

Key Features:

  • Easy Customization
  • Pre-designed Layouts
  • Google Amp Support
  • Responsive
  • Dedicated Support


Editor Blocks for Gutenberg


Editor Blocks for Gutenberg is one of the most impressive block building plugins for WordPress. It consists of a wide range of blocks that every user will definitely love to implement. Some of the unique blocks include hero block, wrapper block, pricing table block, brands block, callout block, and many others.

Key Features:

  • Awesome Collection of Blocks
  • Open Source Software
  • Amazing Support


Block Lab

blocklab best gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress

Block Lab is a Gutenberg based plugin that uses the blocks of Gutenberg to design web layout designs. No need to have the coding knowledge to use Block Lab. You can simply drag the blocks from the right side and drop it in the plain page. The offered blocks in Block Lab are splendid and you can have the best experience in creating web pages.

Key Features:

  • A Familiar Experience
  • Block Fields
  • Simple Templating
  • Developer Friendly Functions
  • Connect with Community



getwidblocks best gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress

Getwid is a powerful block builder for creating dynamic web pages. It consists of 34+ awesome blocks which you can use to design the layout of your site. Using the blocks of Getwid you will be able to build a magnificent landing page, portfolio, blog page and other. You can also customize the blocks and modify its look through the available customizing or editing options.

Key Features 

  • Extensive Attributes
  • Real-time Customization
  • Performance-oriented Plugin
  • 34+ Comprehensive Gutenberg Blocks


Gutenberg Page Building Toolkit – EditorsKit


Gutenberg Page Building Toolkit – EditorsKit is a Gutenberg based block building plugin. It has numerous collection of blocks which you can fully utilize to create webpage layouts. Make the text formats, widgets more enhancing and creative with these blocks and editing options.

Key Features:

  • Rich Text Formats
  • Block Visibility
  • Estimated Reading Time
  • Full Height Screen Option
  • Image and Cover Block Styles
  • Toggle Title Visibility
  • Better Custom CSS Class(es)
  • Block Navigator


Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter

otter best gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress

Gutenberg Blocks and template library by Otter is a delicate block building plugin made for WordPress. It lets you use the Gutenberg editor in a more advanced way with better functionalities. There are already pre-built templates which you can use to get your site ready instantly with just a single click. You can even customize these ready-made templates and blocks.


  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Customization
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Light-Weighted


Editor Full-Width Gutenberg


Editor Full-Width Gutenberg is a WordPress plugin that has been designed especially for customizing the width of Gutenberg editor text editor. Yes, you can modify the default width of Gutenberg editor into full-size width by using the CSS code.

Key Features:

  • Simple CSS Customization
  • Modern and elegant template library
  • Responsive


Wrapping Up,

So, those were some great collections of best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress. We are sure you will find these add-ons interesting and useful for designing the layout design of your website. It gives you more option to play with the design and enrich the appearance of your website. Hence, getting your website more flexible and modern.

We would like to know about your thoughts or any suggestions regarding this article. Please share it with us and write in the comment box below:

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  1. The information here was super helpful as I was deciding on the best WordPress block editor, thanks! Among the great worthy choices, I stopped on Getwid because of several reasons. First, it has rich functionality that you don’t have to pay for. Second, it offers unique eye-catching blocks, both static and dynamic. My ultimate recommendation to all WP users!

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