5 + Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins 2024

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Do you want to have the best Shopping Cart plugin for your website?

In today’s digital age, e-commerce has become an essential part of businesses. And when it comes to setting up an online store, having a reliable shopping cart plugin is crucial. WordPress is a popular platform for creating websites, and with the right shopping cart plugin, you can easily turn your WordPress site into an online store. There are many shopping cart plugins available for WordPress, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

In this article, we will explore some of the best shopping cart plugins available for WordPress, including their features, pricing, and ease of use. Whether you are just starting with your online store or looking to upgrade your current shopping cart plugin, this article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins 2024

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

simple paypal

The WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin is a user-friendly solution for adding a PayPal shopping cart to your website. With this plugin, you can easily create and add “Add to Cart” buttons to your products or services. Customers can then use PayPal to securely purchase these items directly from your site. The plugin offers various customization options, including the ability to set up discount coupons and specify shipping costs. It’s an excellent option for small businesses or individuals looking for a simple and effective way to sell products online.

Major Features:

  • Ability to sell services
  • Customers automatically get email
  • Configure discount coupons
  • Track coupons with the order
  • Use a custom checkout page style


Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart


Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart is a user-friendly plugin for WordPress that enables merchants to create an online store in minutes. With a simple setup process, the plugin offers robust features, including payment processing, customizable product displays, and shipping options. It supports multiple languages and integrates with popular platforms, making it a versatile option for eCommerce businesses. Ecwid also offers a mobile app that allows merchants to manage their store on the go. The plugin is free to use with limited features, and users can upgrade to paid plans for more advanced features.

Major Features:

  • Simple and User-friendly
  • Responsive
  • Powerful API
  • Translation Ready
  • Real-time shipping integrations


Shopping Cart & eCommerce Store


The Shopping Cart & eCommerce Store plugin for WordPress is a comprehensive solution for building an online store. With this plugin, you can create a beautiful storefront and manage your products, inventory, orders, and payments all in one place. It comes with a variety of customizable templates, so you can create a unique shopping experience for your customers. The plugin supports multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and Square, and you can even set up shipping rates and taxes. Whether you’re selling physical or digital products, this plugin has everything you need to start your online store.

Major Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Translation Ready


WooCommerce Menu Cart

woocommerce menu

WooCommerce Menu Cart is a popular WordPress plugin that helps to improve the user experience of an online store. With this plugin, users can easily view the products they have added to their cart without leaving the current page. The cart icon is automatically added to the menu bar, and users can click on it to view their cart summary. This plugin also offers various customization options to match the store’s design and style.

Major Features:

  • Display cart icon, or only items/prices
  • Float left, float right, or use your menu’s default settings
  • Customize your own CSS
  • Display items only, price only, or both


Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce


Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that helps you recover lost sales due to abandoned carts. It automatically sends email notifications to customers who have added items to their cart but haven’t completed the purchase, reminding them to come back and complete the transaction. The plugin also provides detailed analytics and reports on abandoned carts, allowing you to identify patterns and take proactive steps to reduce cart abandonment rates. With Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce, you can increase conversions, boost revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Major Features:

  • Unlimited email templates
  • Automatically stops email notifications
  • Add custom variables
  • Identify the Abandoned Orders information


WP Menu Cart

wp menu cart

WP Menu Cart is a simple and lightweight plugin for WooCommerce that adds a customizable shopping cart icon to the navigation menu of your WordPress website. It allows customers to easily view their cart contents, and even proceed to checkout, directly from the menu. The plugin also offers various customization options, including the ability to choose from different cart icon styles and adjust the cart item count display. Overall, WP Menu Cart is an excellent tool for enhancing the user experience of your WooCommerce-powered online store.

Major Features:

  • Display cart icon, or only items/prices.
  • Float left, float right, or use your menu’s default settings
  • Display always, or only when there are items in the cart
  • Customize your own CSS


To Conclude,

These WooCommerce and shopping cart plugins offer a variety of options for WordPress users to improve their online store’s functionality and customer experience. From abandoned cart recovery to customizable menus, these plugins can help increase sales and improve the overall user experience for customers.

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