5 + Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugins 2024

WordPress Autoblogging Plugins

Are you searching for a WordPress auto-blogging plugin?

Bloggers can have a great time working on their blog sites. However, it is quite time-consuming to update their blog site. There are huge many numbers on blog websites and there is no control over the SEO ranking. But like everybody would want to have their blog site stay in a very good position. So, one of the best steps that we can take is auto blogging. You can actually take partial data or say newsfeed from any other site and include it in your site. This process is simply called auto blogging where one’s site collaborates with another relevant site.

In WordPress, we will find some plugins that have been developed for auto blogging. These plugins have been selected from the huge market of WordPress plugins.

We share with you such plugins below. Let’s have a quick look at it:

Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugins 2024

WP RSS Aggregator

wp rss aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is one of the best plugins for retrieving RSS newsfeeds from another site to your website. It will automatically bring all the newsfeeds from any site once a user sets the source for RSS. The plugin is absolutely user-friendly and will let anyone without any technical skills work with in the site.

Major Features:

  • Manage all your RSS feed sources
  • Extendable via action and filter hooks
  • Import unlimited content
  • RSS feed auto-discovery for sources


RSS Aggregator by Feedzy

rss aggregator

RSS Aggregator by Feedzy is a plugin for WordPress that enables users to import and display RSS feeds on their website. With this plugin, users can aggregate content from multiple sources and display it in a customizable format. The plugin also provides advanced features such as content filtering and caching for improved website performance.

Major Features:

  • Easily display RSS feeds
  • Responsive content across platforms
  • Import images with your RSS feeds
  • Control which meta fields


WP Content Pilot

wp content pilot

WP Content Pilot is a WordPress plugin that allows users to automatically generate content for their website using RSS feeds or other sources. The plugin can fetch articles, videos, images, and other content and publish them on the user’s website on a schedule. Users can also filter the content by keywords, tags, and categories.

Major Features:

  • Content Spinner
  • Post Categories
  • Template Editor
  • Post Tags


Auto Robot

auto robot

Auto Robot is a WordPress plugin designed to automate the creation and publishing of content. It can generate articles, videos, and images using AI technology and publish them on a user’s website on a set schedule. Users can also customize the content by specifying keywords, sources, and topics. The plugin aims to save time and effort in content creation.

Major Features:

  • Bulk import and organize multiple feeds
  • Set post author for an auto blogging system
  • Autoblogging with long-tail keywords supported
  • No Duplicate Content


WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher


WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher is a WordPress plugin that allows users to fetch and publish RSS feeds on their website automatically. The plugin can filter content by keywords, categories, and tags, and users can customize the feed settings and publishing schedule. It also provides advanced features such as URL extraction and automatic image resizing.

Major Features:

  • Auto-add categories from source posts.
  • Multilanguage ready
  • Dashboard Widget with campaigns summary
  • Multiple feeds / categories / tags


WP Pipes


WP Pipes is a WordPress plugin that allows users to automate content management and publication. With WP Pipes, users can fetch, filter, and publish content from various sources such as RSS feeds, CSV files, and social media platforms. The plugin offers a drag-and-drop interface and provides advanced features such as URL shortening and image optimization.

Major Features:

  • Auto Social Poster
  • RSS Feed to post
  • iTunes Podcast creator
  • RSS Feed Creator


Finishing Up,

These plugins are definitely worth one to try with a website. Hope you will use them for making your site and implementing auto blogging on your website.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding this article. Please comment below about it.

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