Promote with Us!

Come ahead and promote with Us!

WPAnything is offering various new promotion and endorsement plan. In present times, We have been very successful in getting good traffic and potential viewers on our website. We will help you promote your various kinds of product and services between a huge range of people worldwide. Hence, it could be a good opportunity for you to join us as our promotional partner and maximize your business furthermore. Not just that, you can attract more potential clients for your business.

Let’s look at what we have to offer:

1. Paid Review

Our team will write a full detailed review of all of the products and services you offer. Of course, we will be studying and scanning your entire products thoroughly to make sure that it stays up to the mark. As it is a paid review our professionals will be working on it and provide a promising review of your products/services. We shall promote the review via different kinds of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We will be keeping all of the reviews in our archives permanently.

Cost: $175

2. Banner Ads:

We have the following banner advertisement plans.

Banner name (size)Est. ImpressionsPrice/Month
Large sidebar (300×250 px)15,000$100.00
Small sidebar square (125×125 px)15,000$50.0
Home page – articles grid (300*250 px)15,000$50.0
Article Header Leaderboard (728×90)35,000$225.00
Article body (300×250)35,000$225.00
Article Bottom Leaderboard (728×90)35,000$125.00
Newsletter Advert (728×90)5000$100.00


Currently, we have the above promotional options. We might add some more in the future.

Let us know your thoughts. If interested then email us at [email protected]