Bloguten Pro Review – Blog, Magazine & Lifestyle WordPress Theme

We present you Bloguten Pro, a sleek, chic and modern WordPress theme. The theme is made for blog, magazine & lifestyle. It has a simple layout design and you can customize it comfortably and add many new things to it. You can organize your blogs, news, articles, etc in a sophisticated and professional manner. The simple appearance of the theme makes its users get mesmerized and fall in love with the theme instantly. Regarding the features, it doesn’t fail to impress people. The dynamic features embodied in the theme is just mind-blowing. This highly flexible WordPress theme fits perfectly in all modern gadgets of any screens size. Users can enjoy making small changes in their website with less effort. Important… Read More

How to Change Time and Date Format in WordPress ?

Ever noticed the time and date in your WordPress Blog. Yes, each time a post is published in your site you will find a particular time and date that appears at the bottom of each post. You might not be familiar that you can actually modify the time and date format in your site by yourself. No special tech knowledge is required for it, it is very simple and easy to learn. In this article, we provide you with some easy steps to change the date and time format in WordPress. So, now let’s see the steps to change date and time format in WordPress Open your WordPress Admin Panel Go to Settings > General Scroll down you will find… Read More

15+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

There are more than 1000+ free responsive WordPress theme available in the But it is always complicated to choose the right one for your business. Here in this blog, we have hand-picked the most popular, outstanding and versatile free responsive WordPress theme. All the listed theme will upgrade to perform widely with  WooCommerce and other plugins. Mentioned themes are all easily accessible to all devices so that the visitors can easily browse the sites smoothly. What is a Responsive WordPress theme? Well, responsive WordPress theme is created automatically to provide clear readability and visibility to any shapes and sizes of screens (mobile, tablet, laptop). This will help your user to work promptly at any devices anytime & anywhere very… Read More

15+ Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes

In this blog, we have gathered some awesome, feature rich, clean & smooth free Multipurpose WordPress Themes suitable from fresher to experts. Basically, a multipurpose theme can be used in different ways. Whether you have a restaurant, travel office, news and magazine company, etc. you can build a website for any purpose with a multipurpose theme. The online market is taking over rapidly since consumers find it easy & fast. This is why many sellers prefer their business both instore & online in this digital commerce sector. Hence, because of such online demand, creating websites for the companies has been increased too. And it’s necessary to choose the best & suitable theme for your owned company where you will be… Read More

10+ Best Free WordPress Masonry Themes 2020

Masonry Grid Design is a modern, trendy and interesting layout design for WordPress. It’s very popular among users who are building their website on photography, blogs, news, and magazine. Basically, it displays your unique posts in vertical columns. Seeing it gaining popularity, we have collected some best free WordPress masonry themes to let users have the best options to choose from. In today’s modern and competitive market, the appearance of any website is a vital thing. Everybody wants the best and latest design for their website. Particularly people like photographers are most critical about the look of their website. Masonry design is the latest trend regarding picture galleries. More and more people are using it to showcase their beautiful photos… Read More

Business Gravity Pro Review – An awesome, sleek and responsive WordPress theme

Business Gravity Pro is a simple yet modern power-pack WordPress theme made for business. As a business WordPress theme, it has every features and functionality present to let users build a completely stunning and professional WordPress theme for business. The outstanding look of the theme makes sure that its users are fully satisfied and find the theme a worthy one. It is certain that a website matters a lot for any kind of business. People are driven towards any company by the way the online presence of that company has been presented. A well-made website brings enormous benefit and uplifts the status of any business.  Hence, Business Gravity Pro assures such as quality and standard. What’s exciting about Business Gravity… Read More

15+ Best Free Business WordPress Themes 2020

We live in a generation where the internet is the best medium to upgrade any business. Not just a large scale enterprises but medium and small scale industry are also driven to promote their business to a higher level. Having an online presence is an important thing to have. So that people around the world know about your business and everything you have to offer. Considering that people face confusion in selecting the most ideal WordPress themes for their company we have put together the best free business WordPress themes. There are still many business owners who are limited to the local market and are lagging behind. And are unaware of what a well-made professional website can bring to their… Read More

WordPress Posts Vs Page: Let’s Explore

Eager to know the difference between Posts and Page? WordPress has two types of contents. They are Posts and Pages. Many WordPress users often get confused between Posts and Pages. Though it sounds similar, they are absolutely different from each other. So, in this article, we will study what exactly is Posts and Page and how they are different from each other. First of all, let’s get to know Posts and Page in detail. Posts Posts are basically the contents which come in chronological order on the front page or default blog page. For users who are bloggers and has created a blog based website then you can find their website with a high amount of posts on the front page. There… Read More

30+ Best Free WooCommerce Themes 2020

Your website is the front face of your business. Its definitely very clear that the online presence of any kind of business has brought a huge change in the globe. They have reached out to millions of people around the world. In fact, we can hardly see any companies whether small or large not having a website. Well, another thing that can come in any one’s mind is choosing the best theme for building a magnificent website. So, here we have listed some personally handpicked best free WooCommerce themes for all the business owners. WordPress is considered the best platform for building any kind of website. It’s super easy and absolutely web-friendly to create a website in WordPress. With WordPress,… Read More

30+ Best Free Magazine WordPress Themes 2020

News and Magazines keep us updated with what’s going around the world. Though we still use printed newspapers & magazines in our regular life it’s high time that people move into the digital world. People are either on their laptops or smartphones most of the time. So, this is why people are diverting to an online presence. We have selected some awesome free magazine WordPress themes for magazine companies to raise their business. As news and magazine companies are flourishing more and more. That’s right digital magazine is gaining enormous popularity because of its several benefits. Most people use WordPress for building their website. The quick and easy installation and simple customization make WordPress a convenient choice for web developing… Read More