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Gutentor Review: An Awesome Block Builder based on Gutenberg Editor

  At present, Gutenberg has become a big part of WordPress. Designing web pages with the features of Gutenberg has made every WordPress lover get mesmerized. It is not only user-friendly but also the functionalities are just so amazing.  Today we have a unique block builder to share with you, a fresh block builder plugin that has knocked in the market known as ‘Gutentor‘. That’s right Gutentor is here and is ready to blow your mind with its amazing features functionalities. Basically, it is a block builder through which you can design your page by building blocks. It is entirely based on the Gutenberg editor. There is a wide range of blocks included in the plugin which can be used… Read More

15+ Best Free Landing Page WordPress Themes 2020

When we say a landing page, we generally mean the mainstream page of a website. A landing page is what you will find straightway when you open any website. It’s definitely something that every business owner or entrepreneurs wants to have for business promotion. In this article, we shall share with you a list of best free landing page WordPress themes to build a beautiful landing page website. Importance of a Landing Page A landing page has its own importance and value. Any business owner having their website would want to promote their business and gain appreciation from its clients. For this, an attractive and powerful landing page is what they need. One needs to make sure that the landing… Read More

15+ Best Free One Page WordPress Themes 2020

One page WordPress theme is one of the most popular and trending concepts in WordPress. Basically, a one-page theme is a kind of WordPress theme where you can showcase different pages or section of your website within a single page. It makes easy for viewers to go through any website in less time. As it only takes just a single click to move from one section to another on the same page. Also, it saves the loading time which usually takes while visiting different pages. Here, this article covers the collection of best free one page WordPress themes for creating a one-page website. One of the biggest perks of using one page WordPress theme is that people will find it… Read More

15+Best Free Lifestyle WordPress Themes 2020

Every individual has their own kind of lifestyle that represents their personality and interest. Some are passionate about exposing their lifestyle to all the people around the world. While there are some who likes to stay behind the walls from the outer world. An online presence is one way to let them express their way of living to everyone globally. For all those outgoing and travel enthusiastic people who want to share their life experience, we have prepared a great list of free lifestyle WordPress themes. With a huge number of options in the online, you will surely find a hard time finding the best and ideal ones. Well, we want to make you free from all those headache and… Read More

15+ Best Free Translation Ready WordPress Themes 2020

Ever wondered if you could have your website made in different languages? There are different countries in the world having their own specific language. Though, English is an international language many natives from different countries find it hard to understand it. In some countries, people don’t know English even a bit. To help users to make their website in many kinds of language we have prepared a list of some best free translation ready WordPress themes. You will find many WordPress plugins in the market for language translation. Some of the popular plugins include WP Multilingual, Polylang, etc. The WordPress themes below are all highly translation ready and effective. Hence, you will able to translate your website in a different… Read More

15+ Best Free Feminine WordPress Themes 2020

We often see lots of women rising high in various fields. In the present time, its almost a vital thing for every woman to come forward and show the world their talent and skills they persist. Thus, an online presence is necessary to explore themselves worldwide. So, to build a women-oriented website we would like to share this amazing collection of free feminine WordPress themes. The internet is full of varieties of options so it very hard for people to make the best choice. Our team has personally handpicked them from the top-notch WordPress theme companies in the world. Each theme is attractive and appealing and has the look to create a splendid women website. Websites based on ladies fashion,… Read More

Feminine Style Theme Review : A Sleek and Graceful WordPress Theme for Women

In present days we see lots of independent and established women. Women are taking up a high profile profession like an entrepreneur, business owner, lawyer, manager, blogger, and many others. Its high time that women should come into the limelight and let people around the world get to know about their achievements. With a lovely online presence, they can showcase their talents and works to people around the world. Hence, this amazing female-focused WordPress theme Feminine Style is here in the market. Feminine Style is glamorous, modern and mesmerizing WordPress theme build for showcasing womanhood. The theme has been designed sophisticatedly considering that it represents a strong online presence of any woman. The pink color code of the theme makes… Read More

15+ Best Free Gutenberg Compatible WordPress Themes 2020

WordPress users must be aware of the latest Gutenberg editor, as it’s creating a big buzz in the WordPress world. Yes, many of the WordPress themes in the past has been updated with Gutenberg while the new WordPress themes are already Gutenberg compatible before coming into the market. Here in this article, we have collected some best free Gutenberg compatible WordPress themes for you. Gutenberg editor has made WordPress users experience new and innovative features for designing your posts and pages. With a wide range of options to create attractive and unique content, Gutenberg editor is something that every user is excited about. So, you can check out the WordPress themes below and ready to use the Gutenberg editor to… Read More

OceanWP Review – A MultiPurpose WordPress Theme for Your WordPress Website

Are you about to create your WordPress website? If yes, then you just need a theme with multiple features for it, isn’t it? The structure and strength of any sites depend upon the item you choose. So while selecting the theme, you have to pay a lot of attention. So for your ease, today we came with an elegant multipurpose WordPress theme idea with which you can develop an excellent website. For a beautiful and elegantly developed free WordPress theme for your website with carefully crafted design elements and enough functionality, then you are in the best place to know about it. We are talking here about none other than OceanWP. OceanWP offers you several amazing features with great functionality.… Read More

Bloguten Pro Review – Blog, Magazine & Lifestyle WordPress Theme

We present you Bloguten Pro, a sleek, chic and modern WordPress theme. The theme is made for blog, magazine & lifestyle. It has a simple layout design and you can customize it comfortably and add many new things to it. You can organize your blogs, news, articles, etc in a sophisticated and professional manner. The simple appearance of the theme makes its users get mesmerized and fall in love with the theme instantly. Regarding the features, it doesn’t fail to impress people. The dynamic features embodied in the theme is just mind-blowing. This highly flexible WordPress theme fits perfectly in all modern gadgets of any screens size. Users can enjoy making small changes in their website with less effort. Important… Read More